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3 healthy one-pot meals for busy weeknights

One-pot or single skillet meals are great for the days you're too tired to cook a full meal and too broke to order in. And what's more, these are great for health too. 

Use a single pot or skillet to make dinner to avoid too much cleanup
Use a single pot or skillet to make dinner to avoid too much cleanup (Unsplash)

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There are few things worse than tackling a pile of dishes on a weekday night. Going to bed hungry, however, is one of them. And while ordering in is an option, let's not forget that restaurant food is often chockful of grease and trans fats and should be limited to a couple of times a week at most (Yes, even the so-called healthy salad is probably full of mayo and sugar). Enter one-pot meals, a great way to go to bed satiated and healthfully nourished, without losing out on precious sleep time by having to clean up too much.

Not sure what you can cook in under thirty minutes using a single pot or pan? Don't worry, we've got you covered with three great options full of protein and vegetables with minimum fat and maximum health.

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Chicken Dal Khichdi

Khichdi is everyone's comfort food, and it is great for you, no doubt. But most of the time, kichadi ends up being fairly high on carbohydrates (lentils do have some protein but over double the amount of carbs). Our suggestions? Throw in some chicken, double the vegetables and use brown rice, instead of white to have a fabulously healthy dinner full of fibre, protein and flavour.

Healthy one-pot chicken pasta

A plate of pasta after a stressful, long day? Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Except for the fact that many pasta dishes – think mac and cheese or penne in bechamel sauce – can get way too heavy, greasy or carby. Our suggestion? Up the number of vegetables, you throw in, ensure that there is some low-fat protein – roast chicken say or a low-fat cheese like ricotta in your pot and use a more nutritious pasta made of whole wheat or legumes

Mushroom Shakshuka

If there is one ingredient everyone should be stocking in their fridge (if you eat them only, of course), it is this: eggs. They're full of protein and good fat that keeps you full, taste delicious and can be cooked in myriad ways. For a really hearty egg-based dinner, however, nothing beats a great shakshuka. Chunky tomatoes, diced onions, garlic and mushrooms meld together into a hearty, spicy sauce, a perfect base for cheese-covered eggs. Mop up with slices of toasted sourdough and definitely take a second helping.

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