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3 easy and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day recipes

Some easy recipes for a good home-cooked meal on Valentine's Day

Gnocchi sounds fancy, but is very simple to make with minimal ingredients. (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)
Gnocchi sounds fancy, but is very simple to make with minimal ingredients. (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)

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One of the many surveys about Valentine’s Day showed that more people are leaning towards budget-friendly dates over expensive dining and presents. This recent survey by the matchmaking platform QuackQuack reveals that people want to have a good time without burning a hole in their pockets. There's nothing like a special home cooked meal that signifies warmth and care. Here are some simple and budget-friendly recipes: 


As garlic bread is not recommended on dates, opt for appetising bruschetta? It’s light and prepares you well for the main course. For the topping, finely chop some tomatoes, parsley or coriander leaves, a little bit of garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and oil or butter. Mix these and top off with a few drops of lemon juice. Slice a baguette or regular bread, brush the slices with butter and toast them in the pan. Melt some cheese on the slices and add the topping. There you go, a delicious start to a special day.


Potato Gnocchi

Who doesn’t love potatoes? It’s one of the rare vegetables that feels like an indulgence. The good thing about gnocchi is that it doesn’t sound lazy like mac and cheese or requires precision like pasta. It sounds fancy but is very simple to make with minimal ingredients. Boil the potatoes, peel them, and mash until there are no lumps. Add, salt, pepper, and an egg at the centre. Whisk and lightly mix with potatoes until evenly distributed. Add flour gradually and knead until the dough loses its stickiness. Slide half-inch squares over an overturned fork to get the gnocchi shape. Add these to a pot of boiling water and cook until they float.

In a pan, melt butter and add sage. Add the cooked gnocchi to this and sauté well until they are lightly golden. Put a little shredded cheese on the top if you want. Enjoy!



Strawberry Kulfis

If you are looking to cook something with the traditional Valentine’s Day colours—red or pink—this cooling dessert might interest you. One of the easiest recipes using strawberries is the chocolate-dipped strawberries. Another easy one with this fruit with an Indian twist is the kulfis. To make this, boil two cups of milk with one-fourth cup of sugar while stirring occasionally. When the milk reduces to one cup, let it cool down. Next blend half cup of strawberries with the cooled milk. Strain this mixture, transfer into kulfi moulds, and freeze for eight hours or overnight. Voila, you have your special dessert!

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