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12 smart make-ahead breakfast recipes for the week

There are vegan options, Indian nashta and a variety of ways to uplift overnight oats

Smart ideas for wholesome breakfasts. (Pexels)
Smart ideas for wholesome breakfasts. (Pexels)

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For some, breakfast is the most important—and favourite—meal of the day. It’s the only meal that can be entirely sweet, wholly savoury or a blend of both. It requires barely any effort to whip up a quick breakfast of bread and eggs. But, if you wish to go beyond the mundane, and stay away from packaged cornflakes with milk, here are clever ways to add nutrition and flavour to your week. Do not fret if a few ingredients are unavailable; these videos are meant to inspire you to think of ideas, eat better and plan smarter.

Vegan recipes good enough for all

YouTube channel Pick Up Limes, run by Sadia Badiei, has some of best—and fun—vegan recipes on the video platform. Her alluring food impresses both vegans and non-vegans. In this video, she shares three recipes that include oatmeal, granola bars and bagels which can double-up as breakfast, lunch or a quick snack. There’s a versatile and refreshing herb-infused spread that can be stored for several days. Take a look:


Indian nashtas

From how to freeze parathas, chutneys and store pre-cook masalas, these recommendations will prove to be a boon for busy parents. There’s a quick dosa batter that can used to make wraps for lunch, and so much more. There’s also advise on labelling and storing to be better organised. You might want to bookmark this video:

Bacon and eggs

If you love a wholesome breakfast for champions amped up with sweet potatoes and whole lot of veggies, here’s the video for you. Bacon-and-egg lovers will rejoice. There are five delicious and feel-good breakfast recipes for the whole week: savoury oatmeal with bacon and eggs, chia seed pudding with banana and coconut, and a Friday-special raspberry cheesecake overnight oats.

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