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5 bakeries and cafés to satisfy your cake cravings in Hyderabad

The city of Nizams has a good mix of old favourites and new hang-outs to get your fix of cookies, brownies and croissants

The city has some of the best baked goods and sweet treats (Photo Courtesy: Yeh Xintong)
The city has some of the best baked goods and sweet treats (Photo Courtesy: Yeh Xintong)

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In the food department, Hyderabad is synonymous with biryani, but it has much more to offer. For those who like baked treats, it has everything from Osmania biscuits, puddings to pies. Here is a list of modern cafes and landmark bakeries that define the city.

Labonel, Banjara Hills

Labonel opened its doors in 1995, bringing the concept of modern artisanal baking to Hyderabad. It offers a variety of cakes, such as tea cakes, naked cakes and classic cheesecakes. Their red velvet brownies and walnut rum torte will make one's mouth water. Labonel has outlets in Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli too. Prices start at 500.

The Ofen, Banjara Hills

The Ofen bakery in Banjara Hills is a great place to enjoy coffee and cake. It has a selection of baked goods, like apple pie, Danish pastries, cupcakes, and more. Apart from these, they offer meal options, such as soups, salads, and all-day breakfast platters with eggs, pancakes, and sausages. The main feature is a Swiss army bakery wagon, an old-school baking space. On a visit to Switzerland about two decades ago, Bosco the founder of Ofen was inspired by the baking wagon that was used to provide bread to soldiers during the first world war. Their cakes and pastries are baked in this wagon, which they claim is the first of its kind in Asia. Prices start at 167.

Karachi Bakery, Nizam Shahi Road

This bakery, which was started nearly six decades ago, touts itself as the true icon of Hyderabad's baking space. Known for its variety of biscuits, with flavours like chocolate cashew, pista, and almonds, Karachi bakery also sells croissants, pizzas, and other kinds of goods such as cakes. If you’re in the mood for savoury products, veg puffs, croquettes, and paneer makhani rolls are also available. The iconic product is the cookie-like Osmania biscuits that are a perfect accompaniment with a cup of warm chai. Prices start at 100.

Morine Bakery, Mehdipatnam

Known for their savoury snacks, like egg puff, baked samosa, and spring rolls, this bakery was started in 1971. The bakery also sells other old-school baked treats like plum cakes, dry fruit biscuits, and different kinds of pastries. The prices, which are pocket friendly, start at 60.

Conçu, Jubilee Hills

A relatively new contender, Conçu is a cake boutique that started in 2012. The husband-and-wife duo, Swati Upadhyay and Sahil Taneja, serve up tasty treats such as lemon cheesecakes, chocolate caramel tarts and tiramisu. The bakery also operates as a restaurant and has a menu with salads, sandwiches, and starters. Head here if you’re in the mood for a brunch with friends or need a dessert fix. Prices start at 400.

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