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Why H&M wants to enter every Indian home

In an interview with Lounge, the general manager at H&M Home talks about brand expansion and the Indian consumer

The price range of the debut, spring collection, starts from  <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>149.
The price range of the debut, spring collection, starts from 149. (Courtesy H&M)

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H &M well understands how the pandemic has increased the focus on the way our home looks and feels. That’s why, despite a crowded home decor space, the Swedish retailer has launched a design-driven and lifestyle destination, H&M Home, in India.

From dinnerware to bed linen and storage solutions, the brand hopes to attract the customer with its classic basics and trendy options, much like its fashion offerings, at affordable prices. The price range of the debut, spring collection, starts from 149.

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We spoke with Ida Lindahl, the general manager at H&M Home, about the new launch and what makes India such an attractive market. Edited excerpts:

Ida Lindahl
Ida Lindahl (Courtesy H&M)





What’s the idea behind H&M HOME?

There’s a great deal of interest in interiors and design, especially after the pandemic hit us. Covid has made our homes more central than ever. We are spending much more time at home, and these spaces have become defining aspects of our personalities, a place where we feel safety, but also a place for work, family time and recreational activities. All of this has increased the desire for personal design, with unique touches that express taste and character.

With this launch, our idea is simply to create a world-class interior destination. Also, I think the aim is to make it possible for people to design a personal, modern space... basically, a place where they can truly feel at home.

Why the decision to expand to home, considering the Indian market is flooded with home brands?

Competition is healthy, and yes, we do have a lot of competitors in every market. But I believe what works for us is that we are constantly engaging with our customers. Often, our customers asked for interior products in line with our affordable fashion offerings. So this is a response to that.

How would you define the Indian consumer?

India is such an exciting market with a rich culture of art and design, filled with bright, vibrant colours. I know India has been a big source of inspiration for our design team. It is also an interesting market given that larger families often live together and share living spaces and these rooms are, therefore, reflective of collective life. This is why the Indian market is so vital for us.

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