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Why H&M is invested in movewear

After launching its home furnishings collection, the fast fashion brand has introduced a new brand, H&M Move

H&M Move has collaborated with actor Jane Fonda and choreographer JaQuel Knight for the collection. 

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H&M seems to be in an expansion mode. After launching its home furnishings collection, the fast fashion brand has introduced a new brand, H&M Move.

Launched across the world, including India, on 4 August, the brand offers a product line of “movewear” for men, women and children. The first drop includes a variety of Move essentials, including functional tops, lightweight jackets and a selection of tights and bras, alongside items specifically designed to train and run. Dropping simultaneously is the H&M Move Monogram Collection, worn by actor Jane Fonda and choreographer JaQuel Knight in the launch film. The line features a series of tracksuits sporting logo play and reflective detailing.

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In an interview with Lounge, Simon Brown, the general manager of H&M Move, talks about the new launch, the brand's sustainability efforts and more. Edited excerpts:

Simon Brown, the general manager of H&M Move
Simon Brown, the general manager of H&M Move

In a global market flooded with sportswear and activewear, what prompted you to launch H&M Move?

The fact is that people are not moving enough, both adults and especially kids. So what can we do to inspire people to get moving, to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, but to also feel invited to have fun? That really was the starting place for all of this.

Our launch campaign was created with this in mind. Our amazing brand movers Jane Fonda and JaQuel Knight are genuinely inviting everybody to move. It’s about embracing movement in all of its forms, whether it is to dance or going for a swim. But it’s also the everyday opportunities to do some exercise, like taking the stairs at the office. Every move counts. It all adds up. I think that really is the message and the spirit behind our brand.

What makes movewear different from activewear or sportswear? H&M has offered sportswear and activewear earlier. Then how is H&M Move different then?

When you look to how people use apparel today, for the most part they use the same pair of tights and the same T-shirt to do a multitude of sports and movements in. We really want to embrace that insight and provide the customer with a choice of apparel that they can do exactly that in, whatever, wherever and however they move.

What do you believe is the USP of H&M Move?

When you think about removing barriers to sport what you wear plays a key role, however it is still deemed expensive for a lot of people. So we truly believe that we are able to democratise sportswear by providing incredible value for our customers, offering both quality and durability at an affordable price.

There’s been a constant effort by H&M to move towards sustainability. At the same time, there’s a lot of conversation and news reports that indicate H&M is not doing enough. Would you like to address these concerns?

We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion industry. To reduce environmental impact, H&M Group is aiming for100% of the materials to be either recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way by 2030. 

We, at H&M Move, are almost at 85% today, starting with 99% of the polyester sourced for our assortment being recycled and all cotton that is used in our movewear is more sustainably sourced. Furthermore, H&M Move is focusing on positive impact by initiating new partnerships that collectively drive towards circularity and innovative materials of the future, by starting collaborations with Fairbrics and LanzaTech, launching 2023.

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