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What every home needs, according to Gauri Khan

In an interview with Lounge, the interior expert talks about her decision to enter the online space after a decade, with Tata CLiQ Luxury, and the changing demands of the consumer

Gauri Khan
Gauri Khan

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Gauri Khan is among the few interior experts and designers in India who've  made conversations around luxury home décor more popular. From designing hi-end restaurants to celebrity houses, the founder of Gauri Khan Designs (GKD) has often pushed for designs that offer functionality along with luxury, keeping the consumer in mind. 

After launching her brand in 2013, Khan is now entering the e-commerce space after a decade, with luxury lifestyle platform Tata CLiQ Luxury. On offer are paintings, artefacts, sculptures and other objects for home and office spaces.

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In an interview with Lounge, Khan talks about her decision to enter the online space, and the changing demands of the consumer. Edited excerpts:

What prompted you to enter the e-commerce space? 

My flagship store, Gauri Khan Designs, in Mumbai houses a variety of products across categories. I wanted to broaden our reach further to make these curated pieces accessible to a larger premium and luxury audience across the country. So, I decided to enter the e-commerce space for the first time by partnering with the lifestyle platform, Tata CLiQ Luxury. This launch marks our exclusive presence online.

How has your brand evolved over the years?

My sense of design has also evolved a lot over the years. I have a fantastic team of interior designers and architects with whom I've managed to execute projects all over India. GKD has been a part of various projects, be it designing restaurants, spas, celebrity homes, design-led collaborations with local and international brands. 

How has the pandemic changed the way people look at designing their home?

For people, their home is a safe haven, a place they can come back and relax. During the lockdowns, people spent a lot of time home and wanted to have a pleasant ambience. This requirement has continued to fuel the demand for quality interiors even now. 

Any 2022 home decor trends that will remain big in 2023?

I am not really into trends. I believe your home is a reflection of you, and it should be unique. Having said that, I do think every home should have a few classic pieces that never go out of style. 

A trend that I'm seeing a lot right now is that the industry, as a whole, is moving gradually towards using sustainable materials to build consciously-designed spaces. They are repurposing pieces, looking into reduction of wastage and responsibly manufactured products.

What are those five décor items a house must have to get the luxe touch?

To elevate the space, one must always ensure that the décor items cater to specific needs and are aesthetically appealing as well. A few pieces one can try investing in would be: a piece of antique furniture, art (if one is into it and it doesn’t have to be expensive), a statement piece for your living room like a table, sofa or an armchair, a few great lighting pieces like table or floor lamps, and a good quality carpet.

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