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What do Gen Y shoppers want? A fashionable freedom of choice

In an interview, Nykaa Fashion's Adwaita Nayar talks about the new label 'Gajra Gang', the need for non-conformist designs and what post-pandemic dressing will look like

Gajra Gang is the newest addition to Nykaa Fashion.
Gajra Gang is the newest addition to Nykaa Fashion. (Courtesy Nykaa Fashion)

Adwaita Nayar, the chief executive of Nykaa Fashion, seems to have cracked the code for what the millennial woman wants when it comes to fashion.

"She's neither traditional nor modern, passive nor rebellious, old school nor progressive—neither here nor there. She has the choice to be all of the above, she has the choice to be none of the above," says Nayar, who's launched a new occasion-wear brand, Gajra Gang, to "empower today's woman choices".

In an interview with Lounge, Nayar, who's part of Nykaa's founding team, talks about 'Gajra Gang', the need for non-conformist designs and what post-pandemic dressing will look like. Edited excerpts:

Adwaita Nayar, CEO of Nykaa Fashion.
Adwaita Nayar, CEO of Nykaa Fashion. (Courtesy Nykaa Fashion)

Nykaa has many brands already. What prompted you to launch Gajra Gang?

We have built a robust consumer brands portfolio, with each brand offering a tasteful curation of high-quality products to discerning consumers, across categories. Having received fantastic feedback on our brands like Nykd All Day (lingerie, sleepwear and athleisure), Pipa Bella (collection of fashion jewellery) and Twenty Dresses and RSVP (runway trends translated into everyday fashion), we wanted to introduce a brand that would fill another wardrobe void: an occasion-wear label to match the fashion dynamism of today’s Indian woman. Gajra Gang responds to this need and allows us to speak about the freedom of choice while highlighting the power fashion offers in making those choices.

Gajra Gang has an “India modern” handwriting for women who look at dressing up for occasions as another opportunity to express their individuality and choices through their clothes.

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In a market flooded with occasion wear labels, what do you believe will make Gajra Gang stand out?

The focus is on designs for the millennial woman who is discovering her signature look, one that resonates with her personality and celebrates it too. This is what defines and distinguishes us as a brand.

Our product offering includes lightweight romantic floral lehengas, one-shoulder tunics that can be mixed and matched with almost anything, the Chanderi and organza sarees. We also have a collection of contemporary-cut blouses, versatile bottoms and chic overlays that allow the freedom to create different looks each time as well as vintage-inspired accessories.

Your press brief mentions ‘Gajra Gang is for women who can’t be labelled'. Could you explain?

With every choice, today's woman is shaping the community she wants to be part of. It is a work in progress and the only way forward is to empower her with more choices. This is what we believe, stand for, and will work towards. Gajra Gang is a collection of separates to let a woman make a choice of how she wants to be: whether she feels like blending in or sparking trends.

What about the pricing of the products; are you targeting a particular section of the population?

Our price points are 2,000-12,000. Since Gajra Gang is non-conformist and yet falls within the brackets of distinctly fashionable with a classic “India Modern” aesthetic, we are targeting young women from across the length and breadth of the country who want to express themselves and their personalities through their fashion choices.

What will post-pandemic dressing look like?

I believe people will actively plan and look forward to occasions that allow them to play dress-up, even if festivities take on a more intimate avatar. Consumers are certainly more conscious about what they are buying and their expectations from occasion wear are evolving too. This is reflected in the forms and silhouettes of what women want to wear. There is certainly more playfulness and experimentation, with ensembles fashionably fusing contemporary with traditional, to create an individual statement. Women are looking for more versatile options and separates that give them the freedom of choice to style their own signature looks.

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