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We are living in the era of wear whatever jeans you like

Whether you are from the 70s, 80s, 90s or Y2K, now’s the time to wear your favourite denim silhouette

All types of silhouettes, be it skinny, oversized, bootcut or straight, have come back as a trend this season because people don't want to stick to a particular type of look, say experts  (Unsplash)

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One of the biggest fashion trends this year falls in the category denim. We aren’t just speaking about denim minis or maxi skirts or tailored tops. Jeans of all kinds are now a must-have in the post-lockdown wardrobe. 

“Denim has always been a universal piece of clothing through history and still is. All types of silhouettes, be it skinny, oversized, bootcut or straight, have come back because people don't want to stick to a particular type of look. The eventual goal is comfort. Part of the trend has to do with body inclusivity, as it is no longer about the skinny girl in the skinny jeans showing skinny legs,” says celebrity stylist Delna Nallaseth. She adds that jeans were always meant to accentuate your body, but now it’s more about what you feel you carry off, so both, plus size and skinny girls are being seen in a cropped top with baggy jeans and tiny sling.

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Deciding the perfect fit depends on not just the cut of the jeans but also the waist, whether it’s high or low. With everything from the Y2K era making a comeback, the dreaded low rise is a favourite this season too, adding to the long list of jeans that are acceptable to wear. 

“So many runway pieces have tapped into throwback looks, off-duty looks and street style, and  many of the latest denim favourites tap into the early nineties like straight, baggy, cargo, and low-rise jeans. There are plenty of options outside of Y2K fashion as well. This host of different styles and cuts allow each of us to explore our individuality, making denim inclusive across style and body types. There is no better time than now to experiment with denim and find ways to repurpose your own jeans collected over the years,” says designer Karishma Swali of MoonRay. 

The summer collection of the fashion label by Swali, who is also one-half of couture label Jade, is filled with denim fits in different styles for 2022. Swali says that it’s nice to play with textures and contrasts. So you can not go wrong with a classic pair of jeans and a white tee, but it’s also fun to try fitted jeans with a graphic tee (or even a mod print, another big summer trend) and an oversized blazer. “Or baggy jeans with a monochromatic knit. High-waisted jeans can be worn with a longer jacket while low-waist jeans look great with a white button-down or a cardigan. In the end, it’s about honing your personal style,” says Swali. 

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what looks best on you, a simple 90s straight-leg jeans in a high waist are a safe bet. You can wear it with a T-shirt, or an oversized shirt with heels for the evening.

“If you want to create an illusion of a narrow waist, go for high-waisted jeans which help nip the waist. If you are wider on the upper and lower body, try boot cuts in high waist. If you are narrow on the shoulders but wider on the hip, try a low waist. Any style would work as long as it is low waist. Tapered jeans can give an illusion of longer legs. You can also wear boyfriend jeans or relaxed fit jeans, the low waist would give proportion to the body,” says Nallaseth. If you have narrow shoulders, rounder hips and slightly smaller bust, try jeans with a wider leg and slight flare, where the flare should not exceed the width of the shoulder as that would look disproportionate. Low rise could work well for you too, even a low waist bootcut. Or skinny jeans if you don’t mind the discomfort.

Here are all the jeans you could try this season:

Denim cargos

One of the most striking, must-have jeans for the season is the cargo jeans. Big pockets, contrast stitching, acid washes and even bootcut shape, tailored or highstreet denim cargo is something you could wear with your favourite sneakers or heels depending on the length you choose.

90s inspo

Name a pop star from the 90s and you will probably find them wearing baggy or relaxed jeans even on the red carpet with a baby tee. The straight fit is another shape from this era that you can wear for formal outings with a shirt too. The waist is usually high, and sometimes you will also see the punk and emo kid iteration with torn jeans and patches.

Low rise Y2K

The fashion from this era is back in a better version and with it have come low-rise jeans. You can wear them as boot cuts (remember Beyonce from the Destiny’s Child era?), baggy with pockets or skinny too. Bootcuts are also back in general from the era.

Baggy jeans

A staple of the 80s, oversized jeans are a street-style favourite this season in all kinds of washes. You could wear them with a tank top, or even an oversized T-shirt or a shirt, according to your body type.

Bootcuts and flares

Bootcuts hug you at the hips till your knees, while flared jeans from the 70s are all about comfort.

Printed jeans

Looking to make an eclectic statement? Daisies, mermaids, unicorns or an abstract marble print, it's not just different washes, but all kinds of prints are adding some visual interest to jeans this season.

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