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Want to seriously live a green life? Start with your interiors

With increasing pollution levels, more people are looking for sustainable home improvement ideas. Here are some

Materials like wood, metal and bamboo offer a variety of sustainable furnishing options for the home. (Pexels)

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As the new variant of the virus rages on, we are once again restricted to our house. To make it the space where you will enjoy spending quality time busy working and/or playing with your pet, you can give its design and decor some serious thought. 

Here are some ways to deck up your house in a way that's functional, cosy and even eco-friendly. 

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Temperature remote

If you are considering ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your house, there are several options. The mechanical temperature control methods in use today, for instance, hurt the environment in many ways. To address the issue, you can switch to more eco-sensitive methods like using paint and external walls to block the heat from coming in.

Curtains, too, play a crucial role in home décor as well as in environment control. Using blackout curtains in summers to block the sun’s unwanted attention is a good way to keep a tab on temperature and reduce the need for air-conditioning. In winters, you can use thermal liners instead of thick blackout curtains. This will let you control the light inflow during the day and keep the space warm and cosy at night.

Stay natural

Plants with huge leaves not only make the home feel more welcoming but also offer natural air purification. Plants like English ivy, Indian basil, fiddle-leaf fig, rubber plant and peace lily are perfect to create this atmosphere at your home.

You can also consider more unconventional plants like string of pearls, pilea and anthurium to create a unique setting. These indoor plants not only help enhance the aesthetics of a space but also purify the air by absorbing toxins.

Natural and organic elements like terracotta tiles, bamboo furniture and seagrass rugs can also help make the home feel relaxing and bring in a dash of nature into the interiors. The colours and patterns of terracotta tiles, especially, bring the rustic charm.

Think green for furniture

New-age sustainable furniture is a fast-evolving trend as sustainable living takes root. The conventional house furniture uses chemicals and paints, which release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) right into homes. Sustainable furniture, on the other hand, is the one that uses the least amount of volatile chemicals.

Materials like wood, metal and bamboo offer a variety of sustainable furnishing options for the home. The other option, of course, is using recycled and refurbished furniture.

Think abstract

Okay, this isn't exactly a green idea but a way to make the house stand out more. Abstract paintings have been known for their unique, and often quirky, approach to any subject. They express through lines, shapes, forms and colours, making them open to several interpretations. If you wish to make your interiors more expressive, you can choose different abstract designs as per your goal.

You can play with the canvas as well. Instead of paintings, use more functional carpets and wallpapers with abstract designs or art patterns you can admire.

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Ashish Dhingra is founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.

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