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Versace offers 'goddess gone grunge' at Milan Fashion Week

The Italian luxury label mixed tiaras and studs for its latest womenswear creations

A model presents a creation for Versace's Women's Spring Summer 2023 fashion collection on 23 September as part of the Fashion Week in Milan.  (AFP)

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Italian luxury label Versace mixed tiaras and studs for its latest womenswear creations at Milan Fashion Week, offering a collection it called "a goddess gone grunge" for next spring.

Designer Donatella Versace opened the show with all black looks, including tight-fitting dresses slashed at different angles. Black biker jackets and leather trousers had fringes or metal studs.

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Pink and purple designs followed, including long dresses with deep cowl necklines, flared trousers and long zebra print chiffon shirts.

“I have always loved a rebel. A woman who is confident, smart and a little bit of a diva," Donatella Versace said in a statement.

"She wears leather, studs and frayed denim and she has enough attitude to mix them with chiffon, jersey, and a tiara! She is a strong liberated woman; she is gorgeous; she knows it. She is the Goddess of Freedom.”

The last looks included short and long lace-trimmed dresses in purple, pink and lime, accessorised with veils in the same colour.

US reality television star Paris Hilton closed the show in a short pink crystal mesh bridal dress with lace trims, accessorised with a pink veil and tiara.

Earlier this week, Prada presented a collection at the Week, where simplicity and contrasts were the main themes.

Designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons opened the Spring/Summer 2023 show with sharp grey looks including pointy-collared shirts, slim-fit trousers and a jumpsuit.

"The clothes are about simplicity, with no unnecessary complication," Miuccia Prada said in a statement.

"There is no complicated structure, nothing unnecessary. No nonsense - the rawness, the crudeness represents absolute simplicity. We wanted to do something with the most simple, modest material - with paper. Then we used this system of reduction and simplicity as a means of making beauty."

Outerwear consisted of light opera coats and black leather jackets. Some coats had large bows at the back.

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