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Valentine's Day: How to avoid style clichés

Designers suggest ways to avoid the predictable fashion choices for 14 February

Opt for a colour other than red . A look from Shweta Kapur's label 431-88
Opt for a colour other than red . A look from Shweta Kapur's label 431-88

Valentine's Day dress code doesn't always have to be red or pink. If you want to make a style statement, try making some unexpected choices. 

Like designer Sahil Kochhar says, it's time people explored alternative colour combinations for the day of love. “Try jewel tones, muted pastels, or even bold monochromatic looks, to break away from the conventional V-Day palette,” he says. "You can incorporate unconventional fabrics like velvet, or tweed to add an unexpected twist. Mixing textures can create a visually interesting and stylish ensemble." 

What's more, opt for bold and unique pieces. It could include geometric shapes, metallic accents, or vintage-inspired accessories. Designer Reynu Taandon offers another recommendation: develop a theme for your outfit that goes beyond the typical romantic motifs. “Whether it's inspired by a specific era, a favourite movie, or a shared interest with your partner, a thematic approach adds creativity and individuality to your Valentine's Day look,” she says. “Experiment with unconventional silhouettes like jumpsuits, asymmetrical hemlines, or wide-legged pants.”

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Think sleek draped skirts and chic pantsuits, says Shruti Mehta, founder of Kamaali Couture. “It's a good way to complement your partner’s formal attire,” she says.

When it comes to jewellery, skip the traditional heart-shaped pieces and go for statement earrings or layered necklaces, suggests Shweta Kapur, the force behind the label 431-88. She suggests choosing unconventional colours such as deep emerald green, rich burgundy, or a unique attire like a slouchy silk navy blue blouse paired with wide-leg velvet pants. "Opt for unconventional silhouettes that still exude romance. For instance, you can consider a jumpsuit with a deep V-neck or wide sleeves for an effortlessly chic look," she says.

In other words, opt for subtlety over flamboyance if you want to avoid style clichés for Valentine's day. Men can embrace a minimalist aesthetic by choosing clean lines and simplicity. “Embrace high-quality fabrics that not only feel good but also add a touch of luxury to your ensemble,” says Kapur. "Instead of traditional ties, experiment with unique accessories like a stylish pocket square, a leather bracelet, or a sleek watch to add a touch of glamour." 

Complete the look with semi-formal footwear like Chelsea boots, suggests Ishit Jethwa, founder of brand Ludic. “Embrace comfort with relaxed attire, favouring dark, sharp colours for sophistication,” he says.

 suggests ditching traditional blush hues and embracing the spirit of self-love with a palette of elegant neutrals and vivid jewel tones in contemporary silhouettes tinted with elevated details. 

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