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Why Urbanic is getting a makeover

In an interview with ‘Lounge’, the fashion retailer's founding partner James Wellwood talks about rebranding and why inclusive fashion is the need of the hour

From Urbanic India's latest collection
From Urbanic India's latest collection

Urbanic, a London-based women's clothing brand popular among Indian shoppers looking for trendy designs at reasonable prices, has launched a new logo and brand image, emphasising inclusivity. 

It has also announced expansion plans for the Indian market, earmarking an investment of $50 million for the subcontinent and hoping to attract young  shoppers in the affordable premium clothing sector.

The launch includes a new website, app and anticipated summer styles. In an interview with Lounge, the Urbanic founding partner James Wellwood talks about rebranding and India expansion. Edited excerpts:

What prompted Urbanic to evolve its identity? 

We believe that change is not just an inevitable part of life, but an exciting opportunity to transform and reimagine our world. And for us, fashion is more than just a utilitarian act… it's a canvas for creativity, a means of self-expression to craft your narrative and to showcase your natural charm. 

Each element in our logo and design carries a meaningful message, signifying our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

The revamped identity is centered around inclusivity with the tagline "We are because you are"…

We want to foster a community where diversity is celebrated, where every voice is heard, and where all individuals can connect and feel valued. With our new look and feel, we aim to amplify the spirit of inclusion and accessibility. 

The revamped logo is not just a design, but a symbol of unity, where every colour and shape plays a role in the bigger picture. 

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But inclusivity has become tokenism for a section of brands…

Inclusion is the DNA of the brand. Urbanic embraces the profound concept of "being" and does so eloquently through the expression: "You are." This phrase encapsulates the very essence of the brand, embodying the core values that set it apart and elevate it.  

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Who's your target audience?

Someone who has a passion for fashion and thrives on creativity. She's confident in who she is. She's full of energy and kindness, and that makes hanging out with her a lot of fun. She's genuine and real, and she treats herself and others with honesty and care.

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Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.

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