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Fashion trends the Lounge team wants banished in 2022

From crop tops, to big watches and long nails, here are some styles that should end with this year

Why those nail extensions?
Why those nail extensions? (Courtesy Instagram/iamcardib)

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What primal predatory instinct are we channelling here and labelling attractive?—Vangmayi Parakala

The OTT lehnga
The OTT lehnga (Courtesy Instagram/Katrina Kaif)

Celebrity brides look like copy-paste versions of each other. Shouldn’t each woman stand out for who she is, instead of resembling a model from a designer catalogue? —Jahnabee Bora


Somebody ban these shoes
Somebody ban these shoes (iStock)

Platform heels and clogs. Ugliest footwear ever.—Preeti Zachariah

Big watches are not so cool
Big watches are not so cool (iStock)

Okay, so I get a pilot’s watch or a dive watch being larger than 40mm, for legibility in extreme conditions. But dress watches, chronographs, field watches? No please. The obscenely large watch craze is on the wane but I would want them banished altogether. Watches shouldn’t be larger than 38mm, and certainly no larger than 40mm.—Bibek Bhattacharya

The indecisive bottoms
The indecisive bottoms (Web)

Frumpy salwars gave way to fitted churidars, which led to the horrible multicoloured leggings trend, which thankfully made way for cropped, tailored pants. So far so good, yes? No. We have gone too far with the cropping. Some of these pants now stop just below the knee in a neither-half-nor-full situation of supreme inelegance.—Shrabonti Bagchi

No floral garden
No floral garden (REUTERS)

Big, crowded floral designs—they should remain on the upholstery. Splashing an entire garden from head to toe, à la Kim Kadarshian and Priyanka Chopra, can leave the onlooker dizzy and birds and bees confused.—Nipa Charagi


Only simple masks please
Only simple masks please (AP)

Hopefully, 2022 will not see any of those ill-fitting masks and bedazzled face coverings. Only proper masks, please.—Nitin Sreedhar

Crop the crop top
Crop the crop top (Courtesy H&M)

Crop tops were cute at the start of 2021; now they are just everywhere and in the worst colours and cuts possible. And slides. Keep them for visits to the bathroom.— Shalini Umachandran 


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