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This Christmas, dress up your home the hygge way

Ten decor ideas inspired by the Danish way of achieving coziness and good spirits 

A hygge home is all about nature, bringing the outdoors in and creating a homely vibe.
A hygge home is all about nature, bringing the outdoors in and creating a homely vibe. (Unsplash)

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Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is a Danish word for feeling an extraordinary level of coziness.

It’s all about candlelit dinners, laughter and warmth with family and friends, snuggling near a fireplace, and enjoying the little things in life. And with the cold winter evenings, smell of cookies baking, and magic in the air. 

Here are 10 ideas for you to create a warm and fuzzy higgle Christmas, inside your home.

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Candles. Candles. Candles. 

Did you know that Denmark uses more candles per capita than any other country in the world? They are essential for hygge. Candles create a warm, soft glow. Not too harsh. Not too bright. So, turn off your lights, and light every candle in sight. Use candles in every room, every window, on your mantel and on your dining table. From pillar candles to candelabras, from scented fragrant ones to organic unscented candles, they help you relax and get into the holiday mood.

Add soft and fluffy pillows and throws

Large knotted blankets, soft cushions, lots of faux-fur throws and pillows, sheepskin rugs and knitted tapestries create a cozy space for you to curl up on your couch, snuggle and feel fuzzy all over.

Pare down your Christmas tree

Hygge is all about simplicity and authenticity. It’s a way of being, with stillness and honesty at its core. If you’re going for a hygge Christmas this year, instead of filling up your tree with hordes of ornaments, keep it simple, and bring out the beauty of the tree and branches. Adorn it with dainty fairy lights, some chic white ornaments, and just a star. 

Use rustic elements for décor 

A hygge home is all about nature, bringing the outdoors in and creating a homely vibe. Therefore, rustic materials in their natural forms make the best Christmas décor. Use raw, aged or reclaimed wood and broken branches as centrepieces, decorate mason jars with old knits, yarns and lace, use country plaids for cushions and throws, and wrap wreaths, planters and jars with burlap, to create a charming rustic décor.

Create a warm dinner table

By foraging twigs, berries, acorns, dried flowers and rosemary leaves as table decor, using natural, local vegetables in the menu and creatively plating food to make a Christmas tree pie, gingerbread man or wreath with olives, you can create an intimate hygge dinner setting for good food, wine, laughter and conversations.

Use neutral colours

Stick to soothing pastels like creams, browns, whites and greys. Use black to accentuate your space and bring in black and white cushions and throws to create a wonderful contrast to the neutrals.

Bring in some history

Sharing personal stories in a cozy setting and rekindling memories is what hygge is. So, decorate your home with Christmas ornaments that have a history, with vintage pieces that tell your story. It makes for intimate conversations and deeper connections.

Create a ‘hyggekrog’, or snug corner

Find a cozy corner, get yourself your most comfy chair, add soft, fuzzy pillows, cushions and throws, add your favourite books in a wicker basket, place some dim lit lanterns, position a side-table close by, put your hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate on it, tuck yourself in and you have yourself a hyggekrog.

Build a faux fireplace 

A hygge Christmas is incomplete without a fireplace. So, if you don’t have one, build a faux fireplace and add some fireplace décor to it, such as logs of wood, woven baskets with fur cushions and some leather-bound books. Even the illusion can create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Bring in the christmas magic with fairy lights

Sparkly, twinkly and dewy, fairylights are a way of saying “Welcome, Happy Holidays!”. Put them around your tree, intertwine them with your plants, adorn your doors and windows with them, put them in a jar, bottle or lantern, hang them from your ceiling or drape them on your wall. It’s Christmas magic at its best.

Neha Arora N. is coliving and hospitality interior designer.

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