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The men’s brooch is back

The brooch might seem old-fashioned but is now emerging as a versatile accessory. It elevates formalwear with a dash of well-crafted flair. Here are some of our top picks

Some of Lounge's top picks in men's brooches
Some of Lounge's top picks in men's brooches


The Chandrika Coin Brooch, made of silver-plated alloy, has floral enamelling for a handcrafted, artisanal look.

Available at; 1,200


For those who prefer more stately shine, this elephant brooch is bejewelled with single-cut diamonds and is just the right size.

Available at Muse The Store, Mumbai; price on request


With the Gatherer brooch, you can sport a miniature garden on your person. You can even add a few drops of water in the porcelain vase in which you can stick grass, tiny leaves or wildflowers.

Available at; €89 (around 7,000)


The classic boutonniere was a regular accessory for actor Cary Grant. This polka-dotted one has been made from silk faille in bright, spring-time colours.

Available at; £124 (around 11,500)


The beauty of this fish brooch lies in its fine craftsmanship—from the mother-of-pearl inlays to bubbles and water currents made of pearls and zircon, respectively.

Available at; 2,850


From the most recent winner of the Queen Elizabeth II award for British Design comes this gold-plated pin inspired by the idea of community.

Available at; £250

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