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The latest home decor trend is a house that tells a story

It's no longer just about the colour or the shape of a sofa set or a dining table. People are now increasingly looking for the mood their living spaces evoke

Our homes have become an all-in-one functional space post-lockdown. (Unsplash)

While many of us were stuck within the confines of our homes itching to get out for more than 17 months, the importance of those four walls and what they contain gained a new meaning. 

More people realised that how you set up your home sets the stage for the mood, vibe and ambience your family lives, grows and thrives in. It's no longer just about the colour or the shape of a sofa set or a dining table. It’s now about the emotion and mood they evoke. Here are some post-lockdown home decor trends:  

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Junk the junk

If there is one thing people have learnt during the pandemic, it is to junk the junk. Customers don’t want the easiest, cheapest thing to grab on the shelf anymore. They are looking for a concept, a story, an inspiration, and one that is handmade and handcrafted, especially by local artisans. The sensitivity to supporting homegrown brands was on the rise pre-covid. But post-lockdown, the realisation has increased manifold. 

Keeping the demand in mind, many platforms are now investing in reviving techniques like beating brass into unique shapes, enamelling and handpainting. These techniques were perfected decades ago and still stand ever so strong in their stead as far as design and quality is concerned, and it's good to see that today's customer is appreciating their beauty. The charm of a handcrafted mug or the imperfect, yet perfect, fluidity and elegance of a beaten brass planter tucked away in the corner of your living room certainly adds a traditional, chic touch to any living space. What's more, they gel with the younger customers, including post-millennials and millennials, who want a comfortably elegant and expressive look to their homes no matter the type of aesthetic they are inclined towards. 

Functional yet chic

Our homes have become an all-in-one functional space post-lockdown. It's where our children are playing and learning while we are working and exercising. We have realised how design and function must co-exist and serve their purpose jointly. It cannot just be a gorgeous centretable or an envy-worthy bookshelf. It has to be functionally sound to add that seamless flow to the house, especially for people living in compact homes in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Multifunctional furniture pieces and décor accents are no longer just a trend, but a necessity. And there is so much innovation happening in this space, from folding sofas to in-wall hydraulic beds turning into study tables. 

When design and function meet, you tend to evade the unfortunate chance of over-cluttering your space. In the past, we designed homes looking at one function per room, whether it was the dining room, bedroom, living room or study. With work from home becoming the new normal, there isn’t any room that serves a singular function anymore. For the quintessential family of four in an Indian household, living rooms are morphing into classrooms during the day, a single study table is split between two working parents, and bedrooms have become a catch-all for everything that pours over. 

In many ways, these past two years have not only reigned in the importance of the functionality of our homes but also how we inculcate that functionality. Home owners are increasingly looking for handcrafted products that amalgamate design and function seamlessly. 

Ayushi Jain is the founder-CEO of The Decor Remedy.

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