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Super sexy lingerie will trend in 2022 too

But it has to be skin-friendly, colourful, affordable and practical

Whether a shopper is 20 or 60, they want comfort with style. 
Whether a shopper is 20 or 60, they want comfort with style.  (Unsplash)

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Like many industries, the lingerie sector also went through a big transformation in the past year. While the trend of online lingerie shopping witnessed a surge, consumers shifted from focusing on style to comfort along with fashion while making their inner wear choices.

In terms of business, the lingerie market is expected to continue growing. A RedSeer report states the female innerwear market will nearly double and reach over $11 billion by 2025.

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As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, their lingerie requirements and expectations from the market are also changing. Comfort continues to be of utmost importance. There's more than ever demand of innerwear that is skin-friendly and comes in breathable fabric.

Today an increasing number of women, especially in the 20-45 age bracket, are looking at innerwear as a way of expressing themselves. Since unorganised retail accounts for about 80% of lingerie sales, there’s no real India-specific data to reflect this shift in attitude. Mainstream brands, however, claim an uptick in demand for comfortable styles and designs beyond the utilitarian ones.

Quality, along with affordability, is definitely a prerequisite. Here are some other trends:

When it comes to lingerie, women want good coverage, comfort and style. They are treating it more as an accessory that brings happiness and confidence while they continue to work from home. They want to experiment with colours, styles and types.

That's why I believe 2022 will see fewer wired bras and many more wireless version.

There's also a general growing awareness among buyers that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t apply to innerwear. Every outfit requires and demands a specific kind of lingerie to enhance the look and the overall appearance. Hence, shoppers are now more invested in possessing a variety of innerwear, ranging from T-shirt bras, backless bras, tube bras, seamless bras, to thongs, bikini bottoms, and shapewear along with sexy nightwear.

The summer season of 2022 will be ruled by vibrant shades and different fabrics. Think neons, playful prints, lace, velvet.

What's more, satin-based nightwear, especially during the bridal season, will continue to be a hit in the new year.

Ever since the pandemic started, the concept of athleisure (loungewear and activewear) has emerged at the forefront. This shall continue to exist in 2022 as well. More consumers are getting invested in health-related activities, pushing up the demand for the appropriate innerwear that offers the right combination of comfort and fashion. That's a reason a number of brands are getting invested in this area.

Whether a shopper is 20 or 60, they want comfort with style. There’s no compromise there—and that’s pushing brands to be more innovative.

Siddharth Grover is director, Groversons Paris Beauty.

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