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How to spring clean your closet

Two experts share tips on how to do an effective wardrobe cleanse

As you go through your wardrobe, be ruthless in decluttering
As you go through your wardrobe, be ruthless in decluttering (Unsplash)

By now you should have ideally done a closet cleanse. With temperatures soaring, all your leather jackets, faux fur coats, wool jumpers and cardigans should have been been packed and moved towards the far end of the closet to make space for the light linen shirts, short cotton dresses, chinos and shorts. 

The reorganising and decluttering of the wardrobe towards the beginning of every season is a good way to reassess one's closet. In a way, it also helps you decide what kind of look you want to maintain with your timeless purchases for the season. 

In case you've been procrastinating and still haven't made time to do a closet cleanse, here are some pointers by two closet cleanse experts on how to declutter and reimage the closet.

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Start by assessing each item’s suitability for the changing weather, says wardrobe expert and celebrity stylist Shifa Firoze. “The first basic rule to start the process is simple: Remove heavy winter garments and store them away, making room for lighter layers and spring-friendly pieces like floral dresses, pastel tops, and breathable fabrics.” 

As you go through your wardrobe, be ruthless in decluttering by donating or selling items you no longer wear or need, she suggests. "This process not only frees up space but also ensures that your closet is filled with pieces that align with your current style and the season’s trends," suggests Firoze.

Organising your closet by specific categories or colours streamlines your morning routine as well. What's more, it makes it easier to mix and match outfits. Plus, the sight of a clean, organised closet makes for a happy sight.  

According to image consultant Neha Malhotra, “Utilise storage solutions such as wardrobe organisers or shelves to maximise space. You can create zones for your clothes (according to colours, materials).”

Lastly, adds Malhotra, "maintain your closet by periodically reassessing and updating items to ensure it remains clutter-free and seasonally appropriate."

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.

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