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Seven trendy bags you should have in your wardrobe

One of the more overlooked items in our closets this year has been the beautiful handbag. A guide list of must-haves for all seasons

The popular handbag by designer Maria Grazia Chiuri that's practical as well as stylish. (REUTERS)

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Aside from high heels and party clothing, one of the more overlooked items in our closets this year has been the beautiful handbag. With fewer opportunities to dress up with on-trend accessories and, of course, fewer places to go, you've most likely carried your most practical bag when you needed one.

So here's a list of trendy bags you should certainly own and flaunt, no matter the season and occasion. There are crossbodies and box bags in the season's most beautiful colours, strap pouches with hefty chains, and plush shoulder bags as comfortable as loungewear. 

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Crossbody bag

These bags are not only fashionable and comfortable to wear, but also extremely practical to carry. You can up the style quotient, with flattering gold accents and buckle detailing. 

Shoulder bag

There's a reason fashionistas see the 1990s as their favourite decade for fashion advancement. We had the flared jeans, the baby tees with chokers… . But the one 1990s style that is making a reappearance is the shoulder bag. Hands-free crossbody are simple to carry yes, but nothing beats a tiny shoulder bag for instantly making anything and everything seem elegant. 

Mini tote bag

Leave your luggage at the door, since the tiny-bags trend is still alive. Mini bags are a must-have this season. They are the ideal blend of playfulness and elegance, and perfect to pair with everything from dresses to denim.

Quilted top handle bag

Be prepared for your quilted bag to stand out against your outfit, especially if it's paired with classics or basics. This cushioned purse adds a pop of colour to even the most monotone outfits.

Camera bag

Camera bags, despite their modest size, are making a huge comeback. Whether you're carrying a camera inside or not, the simple, uncomplicated silhouette is all about the fundamentals. So make way for the chic and playful camera bag. The perfect everyday accessory designed for the modern fashionista with a penchant for understated style.

Gathered clutch

Clutch bags will always be popular at dinner parties, and they work wonders for a modern, minimalistic style during the day. However, we are seeing a steady shift to softer shapes such as a gathered clutch.

Sling bags

These purses are functional, fashionable, and easy to wear. Small wonder then you see everyone, from rappers to Instagram celebrities, carrying one. 

Mohit Jain is the founder of Miraggio.

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