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Rhea Kapoor and Ravi Vazirani add a touch of liveable luxury to modern spaces

Producer Rhea Kapoor and interior designer Ravi Vazirani discuss their capsule collection of décor and furniture

Rhea Kapoor (left) and Ravi Vazirani hope to offer a new perspective on design and storytelling with The Apartment
Rhea Kapoor (left) and Ravi Vazirani hope to offer a new perspective on design and storytelling with The Apartment

A simple sophisticated space for quiet reflection—that’s the look film producer Rhea Kapoor and interior designer Ravi Vazirani want to create for the urban home with The Apartment, their new capsule collection of décor items and furniture.

A muted colour palette runs across the collection, with creamy nudes and earthy ochres dominating the pieces, embellished with hints of metallic shine. Both Kapoor and Vazirani bring a personal sense of design to the overall language of The Apartment. “I always had an eye for detail and appreciated crafted comfort. It’s the right balance between impactful textures and clean lines that strikes the perfect chord for liveable luxury,” says Kapoor.

The Nobu Cocktail Table with abstract shapes and a reeded base made from marble, the textured Taruki Buffet crafted from wood and cladded sheet metal, and the Kōji Bookshelf supported with wooden fluted pillars are just some of the pieces they have conceptualised for The House of Things, a curated space for interior and décor products, helmed by Astha Khetan. The brand mostly has an online presence with a cosy offline display in Udaipur. Khetan is planning to open a new space in Udaipur, spanning 30,000 sq.ft, by the end of March. The products are priced between 38,000 and 5.77 lakh.

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Vazirani, who runs an eponymous design studio in Mumbai and has worked on a mix of commercial and residential projects for Nicobar, Pali Village Cafe and Atmosphere Design Studio, prefers to balance aesthetics with functionality for contemporary homes. He creates environments that not only showcase the inherent sophistication of a space, but also the personality of each piece that resides therein. It is this sensibility that Vazirani brings to The Apartment.

The roots of the collaboration with The House of Things lie in Kapoor’s desire to work with design in some form. She saw this as an exciting opportunity to enter into the world of luxury interiors. “It merged my love for design and eye for detail with the expertise offered by Ravi and The House of Things. It was an enriching journey to see my creative vision being translated into tangible, functional pieces, thus offering a new perspective on design and storytelling,” explains Kapoor.

The idea was not just to furnish spaces but curate an experience. The one thing Khetan, Kapoor and Vazirani agreed on was the need for quiet luxury in modern living spaces.

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The Koji Bookshelf
The Koji Bookshelf

For Khetan, The Apartment is a reflection of Kapoor’s ability to weave contemporary narratives and Kapoor’s creative genius. “Its clean lines, impeccable craftsmanship, and thoughtfully chosen materials create an atmosphere of serene opulence that will last for years to come,” she says. The three brainstormed extensively on materials and textures. They veered towards subtle, albeit impactful, materials, ranging from solid wood, natural stone, chick mat and linen, combined with opulent and refined finishes in fine brass mesh and metal accents.

There were long discussions on sustainability, something which is important to both Kapoor and Vazirani. “Sustainability is not just a trend for us,” says Kapoor.

“It’s a conscious decision to make a positive impact. By prioritising materials that are kind to both the environment and the discerning homeowner, we want to set a standard for mindful and relevant design—one that embraces a lasting commitment to the planet,” she says.

Take the Kenzo Sectional Sofa, which embodies the essence of this collaboration. Kapoor and Vazirani envisioned a piece that could make a statement in any setting, while embodying functional elegance, comfort, form and detailing. “Inspired by the dynamic spirit of modern living, we conceptualised Kenzo with its luxurious upholstery and configurable shape, tailored for various moments and specifications,” explains Kapoor.

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Vazirani concurs, adding that they were especially interested in developing a plush piece that offers comfort in every way, with its detached cushions and broad armrests.

“This makes the Kenzo Sectional Sofa a mainstay of any living space—a relaxed perch for socialising and a keepsake for years to come,” he says.

Both hail The Apartment as a meeting point of collective philosophies—it is one that celebrates design, hoping to transform living spaces into works of art.

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