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My style is all about comfort, says Kareena Kapoor Khan

In an interview with Lounge, the actor talks about what makes her a style icon, her journey as brand ambassador of Puma, and why she doesn't follow fashion rules too much

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the new brand ambassador of Puma.

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Almost every brand wants Kareena Kapoor Khan. From Mercedes and Fizzy Goblet, to Puma, the actor been one of the favourite celebrity faces for brand endorsement. 

What makes her special is her coolness and her I-live-life-on-my-own-terms attitude that she flaunts both on and off screen. After all, she was among the few actors who continued to promote brands while being pregnant, something most actors shy away from in an industry obsessed with looks. 

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In an interview with Lounge, the actor talks about what makes her a style icon, her journey as the brand ambassador of Puma and why she doesn't follow fashion rules too much. Edited excerpts:

What makes you so popular?

When you enjoy your job, it shows, and I think that has worked for me. I mean this industry is tough, but after some time you find your way, what works and what doesn't work for you. A lot of people find excuses when it comes to work, they procrastinate. It's actually indicative of that they don't enjoy what they do. My comfort with my job shows on the screen.

Is this what you are also trying to promote through the Puma collaboration?

I think the whole idea (working with Puma) is to inspire people. Whether it was my pregnancy photoshoot with them that talked about encouraging  mothers to do yoga, or the post-delivery photo to discuss wellness after childbirth, it's always been a relationship that helps in creating a positive dialogue, from exercising to body positivity. 

You often talk about body positivity and acceptance. Were you always so vocal about it or is it something you have learnt while working in an industry obsessed with looks?

I've learnt it over the years. I have worked for so long in the industry that I know what falling under pressure feels like, and I've learnt that it's not just worth it. And, you know, one has to be comfortable in their own skin to leave a mark, to be different or stand differently. That's why I think even my style has always been more about comfort. I think that's why people also kind of like my style; it's more relatable. I'll always be in outfits that are wearable, because that's me, that's my personality. People think I'm one of them.

The idea is that whether I was like 25kg overweight or pregnant, I was always doing things that I thought were amazing. I can't shy away somewhere just because I'm pregnant. I have kept it as real as possible. 

How do you plan your outfits?

Actually, there's no planning behind my style. It's just like, I pick up things on my own like, and be like, ‘This is what I think will look amazing on me’. 

For shoots, of course, we have stylists, but personally I just pick up things on my own. I'm quite lazy to be in gowns or couture; half of the time I don't go to any events because I'm like, 'I don't want to be in a gown. I just want to be in my jeans'. Something that you are most comfortable in can be quite stylish. 

How has your style evolved?

It's always been about comfort. My T-shirt and jeans are all always the same in terms of style. 

The 1990s were much more fashionable. I remember I had done golden hair for Aitraaz, and they were a huge hit. I loved it. I would do it even today. I think my style actually hasn't evolved that much. 

What keeps you going?

I'm happy that I just wake up every day and I get to see my kids. I think that's enough motivation for me to wake up happy every day. 

What's next?

Right now, my focus is on my film with Hansal Mehta. I play a detective. It's a crime drama, a new space for me. So, I'm excited about it.

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