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This summer, make space for men's micro shorts

Many international as well as homegrown brands are reimagining the male garment to give summer wardrobe a sexy twist

From Gucci x Adidas collection
From Gucci x Adidas collection

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It seems men's micro shorts are the 'it' garment this summer season. From Prada's fitted variation with zipper accents to logo printed options from Gucci x Adidas collab and gardening shorts from Dior, many international brands are reimagining the male garment to give summer wardrobe a sexy twist.

Even back home, designers like KOYTOY, Nirmooha and Line Outline are experimenting with edgier versions in statement prints and sporty slits on the side, all apt for a pool party or a walk on the beach.

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From KOYTOY show at the the recent fashion week in Mumbai
From KOYTOY show at the the recent fashion week in Mumbai

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, the designer of label KOYTOY, believes micro shorts are a perfect fit for the Indian summer season. "They make for the perfect comfort wear. We do micro shorts with a side reveal detail, which allows for an added oomph factor. They are also season fluid. You can layer it up for colder seasons and bare it all when it's hot," says Seolekar.

Designer Deepit Chugh of Line Outline believes micro shorts are easy pieces for casual day outings or lazing around the beach. "The beige (cotton) hot shorts are more apt for evenings. When paired with boots and accessories, it could turn out to be a statement-making look," says Chugh.

Yuv Bharat Ram, founder of Primal Gray, adds that this trend of micro shorts is not new. They were popular in the 1980s as well. “Images of John Travolta in the movie Perfect come to mind. The fashion industry is no stranger to pulling trends from the past and reinventing them for the present. This cyclical pattern of trends suggests that new consumers are looking for inspiration and freshness in their wardrobes. We can also see men are getting more comfortable in their bodies and are okay with showing more skin,” Ram says. "Post-covid there is a desire for more casual way of dressing, even when dressing for outside."

From Line Outline
From Line Outline

With micro shorts, it's always best to pair it with something baggy. "It's always good to play with proportions generally. When you're wearing something short, a nice baggy casual T-shirt that just shows a bit of your shorts is always a vibe. Style it with a pair of Converse or high-top sneakers to allow the proportions of your legs to look longer," Ram says.

Designer Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia of Nirmooha says rocking a pair of shorts can be counted as an art: “These minis styled with printed scarves, thigh-high boots, glass case waist belt or embroidered ones can generate the look of a fashion icon.”

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