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How we and lingerie grew up during pandemic

The demand for innerwear that's both comfortable and luxurious is rising in India, shows report

Millennials and post-millennials are spending more money on innerwear.
Millennials and post-millennials are spending more money on innerwear. (AFP)

Innerwear is having a moment. While working from home, more people are paying attention to undergarments, so much so the industry is booming.

In fact, experts say the Indian innerwear industry has the potential to grow exponentially in the times to come owing to the increased demand for more luxurious lingerie and growing awareness of Western trends. Consumers are prioritising their lingerie shopping needs, they say. As the purchasing power of the consumer rises, the demand for different categories within innerwear segment such as shape wear, active wear and bralettes, has increased significantly.

A recent survey, conducted by lingerie company Groversons Group, shows the Indian innerwear market is poised to grow at a robust CAGR of around 15% by the year 2023.

The survey shows that an Indian woman now has at least eight pieces of brassieres in her wardrobe as compared to four-five in the past. Similar is the case with underpants--a woman owns at least 10-12 pieces on an average.

The report shows women in the 20-30 age group are more experimental with their choices and make up for the largest share in demand. Shoppers in this segment have a stronger purchasing power as they are much aware of the benefits of good lingerie.

“The times are changing and with passing time people’s perception of the lingerie is also evolving positively. Ladies’ innerwear segment is no longer a hush-hush subject, rather has become informative with regards to women’s health, educating a large number of consumers of this segment. Everybody wants to look good and feel good, not just on the outside but from within too,” says Siddharth Grover, director, Groversons Group.

Back in the day, in the Indian market specifically, lingerie was a mere necessity in a woman’s life. But during the past few years, especially 2020, the consumer has matured when it comes to innerwear needs and choices. The rising young population, new fashion trends, rising number of female shoppers and need-based lingerie solutions have contributed to the upward trajectory of this segment.

The evolution of Indian innerwear industry can be seen with the shift from basic cotton bras in black, white and nude colours to padded, push-ups and lacy bras in different designs and colour combinations, the report adds.

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