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How to shine sustainably with eco-friendly sequins

  • From using deadstock sequins to creating biodegradable ones, some designers are trying to use the plastic embellishment in eco-friendly ways
  • Lounge picks out sequined clothing that’s sustainable

Eco-friendly sequins
Eco-friendly sequins

Deadstock sequins

Change the game with a sequin dress that is relaxed but retains the sparkle, like this Catherine Quin Bourdelle Dress. The balloon sleeves and curved hem give its silhouette character. Available at; £325 (around 29,990)

Deadstock sequins

The Ireland dress from the sustainable brand Reformation plays in two tones with the chevron pattern. It’s made with sequins that might have otherwise gone unused. Available at; 19,103

Recycled sequins

Take a break from heavy chandelier earrings or studs and go in for these ultra-light and sparkly pair of danglers made of recycled plastic from Daphne Valente. Available at; €55 (around 4,340)

Recycled sequins

The otherwise classic design of this Germanier black twill blazer is disrupted by upcycled multi-coloured sequins that cascade beyond its hem. Available at; £800 ( 73,645)

Recycled PET plastic

In a collaborative collection with Rachel Clowes’ The Sustainable Sequins Company, artist Michelle Lowe-Holder’s ingeniously crafted futuristic accessories from recycled PET plastic include chokers, cuffs and clutches. Available at; Honeycomb Clutch, £450; Kuma Choker, £325; and Copper Dahlia Pin, £140

Biodegradable sequins

This dress from Rahel Guiragossian’s Graduation Collection at Esmod Berlin was created with biodegradable sequins embroidered upon prints of paintings by her family. For more information on the collection, visit

Recycled sequins

With its hemp and silk blend fabric and recycled sequins embroidered on a floral print, this Stine Goya Evelina dress is a great example of how sequins can be worn in spring or summer, in a breezy style. Available at; 19,200

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