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How to nail the grandpacore fashion look

Relaxed, oversized fits synonymous with vintage style make a big return

Grandpa-core is inclusive, androgynous, and comfortable, say experts
Grandpa-core is inclusive, androgynous, and comfortable, say experts (courtesy Pitti Immagine )

After the popularity of mom jeans and dad trainers, clothes and accessories inspired by what our grandfathers wore are becoming a hit among the fashion conscious. Grandpa-core, as it is popularly called, features comfort-driven style, slouchy tailoring and footwear that offers orthopaedic support. 

Gigi Hadid's and Hailey Bieber's off-duty looks attest to its virality. From comfy sweatshirts to cozy knits and slippers, the American style icons have managed to put grandpa-core aesthetic on the map. 

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According to designer Aniket Satam, grandpa-core is somewhere a byproduct of old money dressing or, in other words, the quiet luxury trend. "Gen Z is drawn towards comfort and quality over the in-your-face logo mania. Fashion is evolving to be more of an individualistic expression of ease rather than a visually impulsive craze," says Satam. What's more, the gloom of recession is making us choose wisely and smartly over “insta- gratification” we have been addicted to. "It's interesting to see people mixing old pieces (thrifted or hand-me-downs) with modern classics," he adds.

One of the easiest ways to embrace this trend is to scout and raid your heirloom pieces. "Layer classic textiles to curate a visually stimulated textural look. Think houndstooth paired with windowpane checks or even varsity stripes. Go for anti-fit and baggy silhouettes and create cinched waist with old-school leather belts. Suspenders, woollen berets and argyle socks are great for styling," says Satam.

Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia of label Nirmooha suggests hunting for some iconic grandpa pieces. "These may include sweater vests, cardigans, pleated pants, and accessories. Opt for comfortable, timeless materials like wool, tweed, and flannel, depending on the weather. These fabrics have a vintage grandfather feel while being cozy and practical. This distinctive style is all about layering. Start with a basic button-down shirt, add a classic vest, and complete the look with a statement blazer or overcoat," says Nainutia.

Designer Somya Goyal hails grandpa-core as a nostalgic sustainable idea. "I do believe that something which is classic and comfortable lasts for long with us. This also allows an extra edge to style the look according to your personality. Passing your wardrobe staples to the next generations is the best thing one can do. Wardrobe exchanges and sharing is something which is fun and also a great way to keep your closet versatile," says Goyal.

Neha Singh, co-founder of Cord, roots for this trend as well. "One of the chic ways to nail the grandpa-core trend is to style the long pants with shirts and overcoats. The best part of the trend is it is supportive of all body types and genders. A dad pants with a striped shirt and overcoat is an ideal look. Just sneak into the wardrobe of your father and pull out a look," says Singh.

According to Vidha Chadha, co-founder Shop Staple, granddad-core fashion has been with us for some time, although this time, it has taken a definitive shape. "While earlier we were mostly thrifting or borrowing clothes from stores or from our parents’ wardrobes, but now there are brands creating these styles, imitating the OGs from the 90s. Grandpa-core is inclusive, androgynous, and comfortable," says Chadha.

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