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Home decor trends you must follow in 2023

Instead of following the same-old minimal aesthetic, opt for bold colours and eclectic pieces in the new year

There's a resurgence in the use of vibrant colours, eclectic design pieces and more personalised decor choices (Unsplash)

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In the past decade, almost every home we’ve seen has sort of followed the same template. The same minimal aesthetic, the same muted colours, and the same focus on the word “clean”. But now, there's a resurgence in the snap, crackle, and pop of vibrant colours, eclectic design pieces and more personalised decor choices. The age of our homes being an extension of ourselves and telling a story has returned. 

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Here are some trends you should add in the new year:

Lights will guide you home

Okay look, nobody’s hating on the finesse that hidden lights bring to a space. But when they become the only kind of lights, things start to get boring really fast. Thankfully, that’s changing. We’re seeing lights come out of the shadows and become prominent in the design language of many spaces. From table lamps to tower lights and even fixtures, there’s an artistic flair that brings the space together without standing out too much. And for some rooms, the light is the main event, with intricate pieces that act as an anchor for everything around it. 

Tiles and textures

From backsplashes to bathrooms, the accent eye-catching tiles and textures add helps bring your aesthetic into spaces that would otherwise be monotonous. It’s an extremely smooth way to add everything, from an Art-Deco style to a metallic shine, to your space. Wall claddings are a goldmine of design as well. If you’ve ever wished your home looked like a Wes Anderson movie, it’s something you don’t want to miss. 

Spreads are becoming more selective

Whether it’s bed linen or a rug, utility almost always came above the design. But we’re seeing more weight being put on the small things and how they add to the aesthetic of people’s homes. This means design is getting an equal say in these decisions, as more people carefully curate every aspect of their home. When it comes to bed linen, people are opting for more eclectic designs that highlight a space with a pop of colour, either with bedsheets and duvet covers or cushions and pillows. Similarly when it comes to rugs, the status quo has shifted considerably. We’re seeing funkier designs, in a variety of styles, that are being made as essential pieces of home decor. 

Every part of your house is in the end an extension of yourself. The colours you choose, the materials you use, they all work together to tell people a little bit more about who you are. Pictures might speak a thousand words. But your eye for decor speaks many more. 

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Minal Kejriwal is the co-founder of Kyoona.





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