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The home decor trends of 2024

From quiet luxury to blending the old with the new, here are some of the trends that will rule this year

An apartment, designed by K2India, shows how to combine understated luxury, craft and modern design.
An apartment, designed by K2India, shows how to combine understated luxury, craft and modern design. (Courtesy K2India)

Clashing eras is going to be one of 2024's biggest décor trends, believe experts. The approach involves adding various design styles, furniture pieces and décor elements from different time periods. This not only adds depth and character to a space but also allows for a more personalised and eclectic aesthetic. 

The key is to create a harmonious balance, ensuring the different elements complement each other to achieve a cohesive and stylish look. Here are some other trends that rule this year and ways to add them to your house: 

Jewel tones and peach accents 

Interior designer Amina Bhatia suggests infusing modern interiors with a splash of sophistication through judicious use of jewel tones. 

"Embrace a neutral colour palette as your canvas and introduce pops of richness with jewel-toned accents. Think sleek emerald throw pillows, contemporary amethyst art pieces, and a minimalist sapphire rug," she says. Striving for balance and allowing the vibrant hues to punctuate the space without overwhelming it is imperative. You can use wood finishes to add warmth to the space. "This approach harmonises the bold with the dramatic, resulting in a modern space that exudes chic refinement," says Bhatia.

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As peach and apricot hues are having a moment, she suggests using them as accent tones through soft furnishings such as throw pillows, rugs and curtains. For a bolder statement, these hues can be applied to larger pieces like sofas or accent chairs. "Pairing peach and apricot with neutral tones like whites, greys, or muted greens can create a sophisticated and on-trend colour palette, ensuring a balanced and stylish look," she suggests.

Architect Kohelika Kohli, chief executive at architecture and interior design firm K2India, says, in 2024, people are looking for designed spaces that exude warmth. "Wood will dominate, especially in the residential industry because it has an understated luxury about it, as compared to marble, which can appear cold and loud. Honed, slightly more distressed stones will also be more in demand," adds Kohli.

The peach hue blends beautifully with other shades of orange and pink, which help in creating a laid-back, boho vibe. In minimalist spaces, consider replacing beige walls with blush or mild peach tones for a fresh, sunny feel. "This versatile hue can be paired with neutrals, blues, sage green, or even deeper, rust-coloured shades, resulting in a stunning visual impact. Warm and beachy, peach serves as an excellent pop of colour in neutral rooms and forms a perfect partnership with all things mid-century modern and walnut," says Keerthi Tummala, founder and creative director of Sage Living.

As trends like dopamine décor and maximalism gain traction, the use of ruby, emerald, and jewel tones in decorations also continues. “The inclusion of ruby and emerald brings an elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic touch to the ambience of any room. There are numerous creative ways to introduce jewel tones into your space, whether it's through the incorporation of jewel tone stone furniture or giving a facelift to your vintage cabinet or the strategic placement of accent décor pieces,” adds Tummala.

Influence of the 'individual'

The influence of the “individual” in interior design is expected to intensify this year, leading to a greater incorporation of vintage elements from different eras. "This eclectic trend, marked by the inclusion of collected items, establishes an authentically unique space that stands the test of time. The objective is to create an environment that offers a comforting sense of permanence, a quality often sought in contrast to the ever-changing outside world," says Tummala.

Quiet luxury 

The emphasis on quiet luxury is here to stay. Whether you're revamping an older item or opting for products crafted from natural materials, there is a growing desire for the old-world charm. 

"The artistry involved in creating exceptional designs is most apparent in bespoke pieces and artisanal work. The appreciation for handmade items has only grown, especially in the post-pandemic era," says Tummala. Whether it is ceramic tiles, hand-carved wood furniture, or hand blown glass, people want to handmade things in their houses, she adds.

According to Roshan Singh, the chief creative officer at design brand Sarita Handa,  “texture, sustainability, and a touch of nostalgia” will be the big themes of this year. “People are gravitating towards natural materials for furniture and décor items. Sustainable and eco-friendly choices are gaining momentum, with a focus on conscious consumption and ethical sourcing. Nostalgia is making a comeback too. Vintage-inspired pieces and nods to different eras are finding their way into contemporary design,” he says. "Mixing the old with the new allows for a more personalised and story-filled home."

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.

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