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Crafting art for floors

Obeetee Carpets' Angelique Dhama and Tissage's Nikhil Kapoor on their latest carpet collection and décor trends

The 'Chroma' collection blends heritage craftsmanship with avant-garde design
The 'Chroma' collection blends heritage craftsmanship with avant-garde design

Like fashion, décor has been witnessing a rise in creative partnerships, where distinct aesthetics merge to craft something evocative. Recently, Obeetee Carpets and Tissage forged an artistic alliance to unveil Chroma, a carpet collection blending heritage craftsmanship with avant-garde design. 

In Chroma, Obeetee's rich legacy, rooted in craftsmanship and heritage, engages in a conversation with Tissage's progressive design language. 

In an interview, Angelique Dhama, the chief executive of Obeetee Carpets (retail) and Nikhil Kapoor, creative director of Tissage, talk about their collection and the inspiration behind it. Edited excerpts:

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Could you tell us about the collaboration?

Angelique Dhama (AD): Our USP lies in seamlessly weaving tradition into contemporary design. Each piece is a dialogue between the craftsmanship of Obeetee and Tissage's avant-garde vision. 

Nikhil Kapoor (NK): It narrates stories through the myriad shades of the Chroma people, an imaginary tribe that celebrates the very essence of colours. 

How did you zero in on the different shades and shapes?

AD: With its hues of crimson, blue, and yellow, the collections acts as a versatile symphony in décor aesthetics. Each rug exudes different emotions, seamlessly integrating with diverse styles, be it classic or contemporary. The pieces transcend mere functionality, transforming spaces into vibrant canvases. 

NK: The pieces effortlessly harmonise with varying aesthetics, infusing spaces with the essence of our imaginary tribe. 

How do you suggest people style these pieces in their spaces?

AD: Experiment with contrasting furniture or complementary accessories to enhance the rug's narrative.

NK: Whether layered under furniture or hung as tapestries, each rug offers a personalised touch to the surroundings. 

What are the key décor trends for 2024?

AD: The trend leans towards personalised sanctuaries, where vibrant hues intertwine with muted tones, creating a harmonious balance. Sustainability and conscious design are paramount, with a resurgence of bespoke, handcrafted pieces. As we step into this new era, interiors become a canvas for self-expression, reflecting individual stories and curated experiences.

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