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Hello, can we now talk about officewear?

With the delivery of covid-19 vaccine becoming a reality, the return to the physical office might be closer than we think

T-shirt is the go-to garment for officewear in 2021, believe stylists.
T-shirt is the go-to garment for officewear in 2021, believe stylists.

Most of last year was spent at home, doing office work in a T-shirt and pajamas or shorts. Now that the delivery of covid-19 vaccine is becoming a reality, the return to the physical office might be closer than we think. What will our post-crisis look look like? Will we dress the way we used to pre-covid?

Celebrity stylist Sukriti Grover doesn't believe so. She says, “It is now common to see fashion loungewear in the street and at work. Fashion companies have adapted by creating collections that are comfortable and stylish in equal measure. Think joggers with a slim-fit and a smart jacket made in stretchable cotton.”

A relaxation in corporate dressing codes post lockdown has also led to an evolved sartorial taste, which is a blend of luxe athleisure and understated normcore. We look at some officewear trends this year.

Function before fashion

Ayushi Gudwani, founder and CEO of workwear brand FableStreet, says post lockdown, work-from-home became the new normal, which meant people had to juggle a lot of things every day, besides work. "So, the purchasing behaviour of consumers has now shifted from fashionable clothing to functional pieces – comfortable and classy," she says, adding: "Our collection now comprises breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, which can be worn from morning to evening.”

For this year, she suggests, investing in knitted co-ords for easy, effortless style. A skirt suit is also a chic workwear option.

Circular style

Fashion consultant Edward Lalrempuia is more focused on "trans-seasonal silhouettes" that he can re-wear and style for longer. “My work isn’t just limited to Zoom calls and I am always on the move. I am also trying to buy less and invest in better quality pieces – clothes that feature less on style radar and more in wardrobe classic lists.”

Keeping that in mind, let 2021 be the year you start your mindful consumption of fashion. Try assessing your style and look for classic silhouettes in your wardrobe that complement your frame well.

Elevated loungewear

Grover believes that post-lockdown the category of loungewear has undergone a major change. “Loungewear is casual attire that is highly comfortable and also appropriate for leaving the house. Think dressy sweatpants, premium T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and high-end sneakers. Modern loungewear wardrobe starts with a simple T-shirt. The key to a great loungewear look is simplicity and high-quality fabric. Choose muted tones with a few key details and pops of colour. There is a shift in standards of casual wear, which in turn, has changed how we dress for all kinds of occasions.”

You can wear a T-shirt with a pleated skirt to office, layer it under a pantsuit or even with your favourite pair of khakis.

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