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'Fine couture jewellery can be fun too'

In an interview with Lounge, the creative director of Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers talks about collaborating with Anamika Khanna for her India Couture Week show

The collaboration between Anamika Khanna and Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers for her India Couture Week showcase resulted in a collection that was luxurious yet comfortable to wear

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Designer Anamika Khanna and Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers share a lot in common—their relentless push for experimentation, deconstruction techniques, fun styling. 

This season, the luxury jewellery brand and the celebrated couturier joined forces to paint a new couture canvas, where metallics play a key role and pearls take centre stage. Their work was on show at the India Couture Week, which concluded on 31 July in Delhi. Talking about the collaboration, Khanna said, "Whenever we are looking for a collaboration, we look for someone who's absolutely open minded and willing to experiment. Yash (Yash Agarwal, the creative director of Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers) lets us literally play with precious jewellery, experiment and push boundaries. Plus, there's a synergy, the aesthetics talk to each other." 

In an interview with Lounge, Agarwal explains us the design process and what goes behind in creating a couture jewellery line. Edited excerpts:

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With so many couturiers showcasing as part of the India Couture Week, what made you pick Anamika Khanna for collaboration?

Simply because, for her, work is worship. Her thought process behind fashion is totally different. Fashion is not just about wearing expensive clothes, it's more about making a statement and coming out differently.

High jewellery and couture are a match in heaven. What are the new-age jewellery essentials for today’s bride?

Whatever looks good on you is what bridal couture means. There is no compulsion that a bride has to wear a choker, multiple necklaces or tikkas and bangles. Whatever a bride is comfortable in, she should go for that. Through this collection, I wanted to show that even fine couture jewellery can be worn in many fun ways and brides can experiment too.

From Anamika Khanna showcase at the recently concluded India Couture Week.
From Anamika Khanna showcase at the recently concluded India Couture Week. (Instagram )

Could you explain the process of designing the collection with Anamika Khanna, who’s known for her push on embroidery and textile manipulation techniques?

Anamika loves traditional Indian crafts, yet loves to experiment. Working with her has been fun because she comes with many surprises. One day she wakes up and tells me, "Yash, I have ripped off my very expensive vintage zardozi lehenga and created something.” That’s what I believe in too. Experimenting is very important; if you don’t experiment, you will keep on repeating your work.

Could you elaborate on the deconstruction techniques you’ve experimented with in this collection?

When we were designing this collection, we wanted to create something very unique, something out of the box with a classic appeal. The materials used are not easily replicable. The collection is luxurious yet comfortable to wear. We wanted to create a unique identity with every piece, so we thought that this collection cannot be named. Luxury cannot be defined.

Who’s the woman you’re crafting the jewellery for?

Some like it minimal while others like to be the bride of the century. From crafting big layered necklaces, naths, mathapattis to dainty elegant light sets, we have covered it all for the millennial bride.

What is today’s it trend in jewellery?

Coloured stones, statement rings, playful pearls, layered looks.

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