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Fendi collabs to LV City Guides, this week’s luxury news

From Skims x Fendi to the Boxster’s anniversary to the new must-have Louis Vuitton City Guides, here’s all the news from the world of luxury 

Models present creations by Louis Vuitton during the Women's Spring-Summer 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week on 5 October. (AFP)

Porsche celebrates its little saviour 

To mark the 25th anniversary of the little roadster that pulled the German sports carmaker out of the dumps, Porsche has released the limited edition Porsche Boxster 25. Under the hood, it’s the same as a 2021 Porsche 718 Boxster GTS—394 horsepower, with a 0-60 mph sprint of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 182 mph but it's emblazoned with ‘Boxster 25’ badges. There are just 1,250 of these cars created to celebrate the plucky machine that saved Porsche from ruin. How, you ask? In 1987, Porsche sales were falling off cliff. By 1993, Porsche was selling just 3,700 vehicles a year in the US, its most important market. The Boxster was planned, designed (by Grant Larson, who is still with the company) and built keeping a younger customer in mind—not only did the design mimic the 911 to share parts and cut costs while still looking like an iconic Porsche but it was also half the price. It debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 1993, marketed it as the future of spirited, affordable driving, reports Bloomberg. Production started in 1996. In the first year in the US alone, Porsche sold 7,000 of them. It instantly became the company’s best-seller. To buy one today is to own a little bit of automotive history. 

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Explore cities with Louis Vuitton

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s 2021 City Guides are out and updated for a year of travel during a pandemic. The guides cover 15 of cities across the globe, from Paris, Milan and London to Cape Town, Shanghai and Tokyo with recommendations and all the need-to-know information about where to stay, eat, shop and party. There’s a first person account for each city from a celebrity who calls the city home, describing their favourite haunts and little known spots. The guides, in English and French, arrive in a lacquered wood box, available in five colours. 

Kim Kardashian takes to Fendi

Since its launch two years ago, Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear brand Skims has won itself a cult following for its quality and affordability. That might change a bit: earlier this week, Skims and Fendi announced a collaboration on a new clothing collection, body-hugging dresses, leggings and undergarments emblazoned with the Fendi logo. And they’re priced more like Fendi with the tags running to four figures, while Skims shapewear usually starts from $30. The capsule collection is to be launched on 9 November and was jointly designed by Kardashian West and British fashion designer Kim Jones, said Fendi, LVMH’s Italian luxury fashion house. Fendi has previously worked with rapper Nicki Minaj and artist Joshua Vides. Jones is known for his flair for building brand heat in the luxury sphere through tie-ups with artists, popular culture figures and labels.

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