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Family and friends are your actual source of fashion inspiration: Alia Bhatt

In an interview with Lounge, the actor-entrepreneur talks about her style, self-care rituals and being the Gucci global ambassador

Alia Bhatt at the launch of Gucci's spring-summer collection, 'Ancora', earlier this month
Alia Bhatt at the launch of Gucci's spring-summer collection, 'Ancora', earlier this month

“Fashion should be an extension of your personality, which isn’t consistent, you go through phases—be it a comfortable phase or a chic phase,” says actor-entrepreneur Alia Bhatt, dressed in a black pantsuit accessorized with chunky gold jewellery. 

“Power dressing they call it, no?” she says, referring to her wardrobe of the day. We are meeting her at Gucci's Jio World Plaza store in Mumbai,  where the brand is launching its spring-summer ’24 collection, Ancora. Bhatt, who turned executive producer this year with the Amazon Prime series Poacher, was appointed as the Gucci global ambassador last year.

In an interview with Lounge, Bhatt talks about all things fashion, self-care, beauty, her association with Gucci and forthcoming projects. Edited excerpts:

What is your definition of fashion?

What you wear should be an extension of what you are and feel. You look your best when you feel your best.

If there is piece I am not in the mood for, nobody in the world can convince me to wear it. Every time I am wearing something, I am in the mood to wear it, and if I am not looking comfortable, I am probably not.

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What are you most comfortable in?

I love a pantsuit. I have become more comfortable with wearing pantsuits, especially ones with a long hem, which let me wear high heels, which I love. I love becoming taller. Also recently, I have become super fond of wearing chunky gold jewellery. I feel like I am becoming a version of my mother; I have grown up watching my mum in gold hoops and dark kajal, and today, when I was leaving home, I was surprised that I was looking so much like my mum. Family and friends are your actual source of fashion inspiration and you are the happiest when you are with them, so fashion should also feel like that.

Your self-care rituals?

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. I can get into skincare and all, but a good night’s sleep, just switching the mind off and getting eight to 10 hours of sleep, that’s the best self-care ritual. I don’t like massages, I get bored.

How has your Gucci journey been so far?

Very comfortable. That’s my memory of going for the first show in Milan, the first showcase of Sabato De Sarno’s association with Gucci. What I found most fascinating was that for the look for the show, Sabato asked me to bring a pair of jeans I own, which I was most comfortable in. He said you don’t have to be head to toe in Gucci, just be comfortable, have fun and be yourself, and I love that.

Your tips on including international brands in a modern Indian wardrobe?

A piece has to speak about your personality. The best way to introduce a luxury international label is to start with footwear, as shoes go with everything. Buy that neutral pair of shoes, a little razzle dazzle which you know will go with a sari, jeans or a cute dress, so you know you have your money’s worth. The association and passion of owning a high luxury piece has to be something you know you will love in your wardrobe for a very long time. And if you are bored, you pass it on to someone. 

Any new favourite styles or silhouettes? 

I love the easy breezy jumpers, which can be paired with so many things. When I look at a piece I think ‘how do I wear this for multiple occasions?’. I am not somebody who will wear something just for one occasion and forget about it. I also love the platform loafers, because of the height and comfort.

Your upcoming projects?

Jigra. It’s my second outing as a producer. It is very different, something I have never done before. It’s directed by Vasan Bala, and costars Vedang Raina. 

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