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Extreme DIY to refresh your home with minimal fuss

From building a miniature garden to creating a hula-hoop chandelier, a guide to redo your interiors without spending too much time or money

Just a small addition of a plant in a used bottle on a coffee table can change the look of your living room.   
Just a small addition of a plant in a used bottle on a coffee table can change the look of your living room.    (Unsplash)

Diwali celebrations might be over but the flow of guests usually continues till the end of the year. So why not prepare your home with some pocket-friendly decoration ideas for the continued festivities?

Here are some ideas to keep your home all shining and bright:

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Build a coffee table garden

Small greens and gardens have always been in demand, especially in places where your nearest green place is a public park. Why not then bring home a miniature garden replica?

For it, you need indoor plants and succulents like jade, ferns, bamboo shoots, river stones and marbles to create a base, and a box to set this all up. 

Set this entire piece on the coffee table in the living room or the tea table on the balcony and use accent lightings to make it more prominent.

Touch of tradition

Fabrics are a quick and simple way to give your house a new look. All you need to do is change the cushion, curtain and sofa fabrics. For a quick and budget-friendly decor, instead of buying from outside, try using traditional fabrics available at home. The cotton or silk sari sitting untouched in your closet, for instance, can make for beautiful cushion covers. Team them with contrasting colours and you will have a fun, yet classy, seating area.

What's more, if you wish to invest in rugs, polypropylene and nylon options are highly durable, stain-resistant and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also choose a style that suits your needs within the budget.

You can even change the entire living room atmosphere, with a carpet-based seating area complete with plush cushions and bolster pillows. 

Smell of freshness

Research shows the fragrance of a place sticks around in your memory. Different scents have different effects on your comfort, psyche and feel of the place. So, why not add some more pleasant scents to your indoor space?

Introducing aromatic plants and flowers like gardenia, scented geraniums, lavender, jasmine and orchid into your living space can help create a mildly scented environment. For a bolder effect, you can add scented candles and an earthen or a traditional brass incense burner.

Redo a wall

You will be surprised to know how easily you can create an accent wall using simple items like paper tape, scissors and emulsion paint. Get your desired coloured emulsion ready for a wall in your living room, and use a three-inch wide tape to mark the area you want to work with. 

Use a 24mm paper tape to create a criss-cross within the space, or simply create the shape you wish to set in the wall. Finally, paint over what you have created. Remove the tapes once the paint is dry (usually after 10-12 hours) and viola you have created your first mural.

DIY decorations

Finally, when everything else is said and done, some empty walls may demand attention. Family pictures, besides modern replicas of classic paintings, could add a lovely touch.

DIY jars and bottle lanterns, which would look best hanging in the balcony or on the top of a shelf, are a good low-cost addition as well. A hula-hoop chandelier made by winding up fairy lights around the hoop is another simple yet innovative idea that would instantly illuminate your house.

Ashish Dhingra is the founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.

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