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In home design, old influences are getting a modern twist

India Design ID's brand director talks about the 2023 edition and how the design space is evolving in India

At the India Design ID 2023, experiential spaces were set up by design brands such as Beyond Designs.
At the India Design ID 2023, experiential spaces were set up by design brands such as Beyond Designs. (HT_PRINT)

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The recently concluded India Design 2023 showcased a variety of innovations taking place in the field of décor and design. From a bathroom sink with an in-built steamer function to lighting fixtures made using natural materials, over 135 exhibitors presented their creations at south Delhi's NSIC grounds.

The 11th edition of the event, which ended on 26 February, included participants like Ashiesh Shah, Abin Design Studio, Ravi Vazirani Studio, Studio Lotus, The Busride Studio, ClaY Architecture, Sanjyt Singh, Dipen Gada & Associates and Saka Studio.

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In an interview with Lounge, Preeti Singh, the brand director of India Design ID, talks about the latest edition of the event, and the changing landscape of design and home décor. Edited excerpts:

How was the response?

This year, the India Design ID was bigger and better. We have been able to bring something new and cutting-edge that is happening in the field of home interiors, accessories and products and design.

What are some of the home trends you have witnessed in the past few years, after the pandemic?

People have started focusing on their homes more, especially when it comes to interiors and design. There is a drastic increase in this segment. There is also a doubling down on bringing the aspect of “wellness” into spaces. Homeowners want to have a luxurious home that is also comforting. Design studios have also come out with new ideas, collaborations and design thinking that has taken the design discourse in interiors, product designing and architecture to another level.

There were some showcases in this edition that highlighted traditional Indian crafts more. Was that intentional?

It wasn't intentional. It just so happened that in one of our exhibitions, we invited top architecture and design firms from across the country to showcase one craft or technique that they were using in their work. A majority of them highlighted very traditional craft techniques, which was surprising, but not really surprising. It was a very joyous thing to see old… practices and crafts being used in contemporary ways in modern homes. 

What this shows is that design in India is using a lot of old influences. It's not letting it go. We are re-channelizing it and reinterpreting it in a modern way for the modern audiences.

How’s the Indian design landscape evolved over the years and what are some of the future trends?

Future trends will be focused on luxury and wellness. Besides this, design has evolved drastically over the years. One is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Traditional studios have had to rethink how they work because AI has changed the game. Use of technology, use of automation... These are the kind of important factors that are changing the discourse of design all over the world.

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