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Even for festive home decor, take the minimalism route

A chic interior does not mean you have to go overboard with the design. Here's a DIY guide to add more luxurious feel to your house 

From making your space seem bigger to add a dramatic touch, lighting can do it all.
From making your space seem bigger to add a dramatic touch, lighting can do it all. (Unsplash )

Whether you start sprucing up your home for the festive season soon as possible, or you wait until the last minute, we all need some decor inspiration to figure out a way to make the space stylish and comfortable.

To add more character and a luxurious feel to your home, all you need are some tricks and a creative eye. Here's how to do it.

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Play with lighting

Talk to any interior designer and they can tell you how lighting can make a huge difference in the ambience of your house. From making your space seem bigger to add a dramatic touch, lighting can do it all. 

And if nothing seems to work out, just buy classic pendant lights, a chandelier, or go for a dimmer switch in your home. This way you can change the visual vibe anytime you want.  Nowadays, people are also shifting to lux lighting that gives you the attention to detail and the understated glamour you demand. Moreover, you can also update the light fixtures to upgrade your space and give it a luxe feel.

Minimalism is the way

A chic interior does not mean you have to go overboard with the design. In fact, minimalism is the new way of styling your home. So, control your impulses of adding too many or too large pieces to decorate your space. 

Instead, opt for minimal and statement pieces such as a simple coffee table, pastel-coloured curtains, wooden cabinets, or even a simple flower vase. Remember, sometimes less is more. 

Bring elegance with high-end materials

When decorating your house, a little more investment is always appreciated. So, loosen up your wallet a bit and buy furnishings with leather, crystal, solid wood, marble, or antique gold. 

Even one or two of such high-end materials can instantly add sophistication to your home. Just make sure you place them strategically and also upgrade the décor accordingly.

Go for matching sets for essentials

You can colour coordinate your essentials as per the furniture, walls, or electronics in your house. This small change can bring a uniquely satisfying feel. Here, essentials mean things like storage containers in your kitchen counters, little serving trays, soap dispensers, bathroom towels, bath sets, and so on. The main motive is to bring in a neat and chic look with inexpensive and detailed accessories in areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Set the stage with curtains

Did you know that curtains can make your room look taller? In fact, if you don’t have curtains at home, you are missing an important element of décor. They can change the whole character of living space if done right. 

Also, depending on the room, curtains can do different jobs like adding colour, warmth, and a new ambience to a whole space. If draperies are not for you, you can also try wood blinds and bamboo shades to ensure your home looks elegant and well-designed. 

Invest in rugs

Rugs and carpets have been adding to the richness and comfort of the living space for hundreds of years. This simple investment can instantly liven up your space. Not to mention the texture and colour that sets the stage for a better look at the room.

Accentuate the ambience with scents

Luxury is not always about visual appeal. The scent of a particular space also plays a huge role in improving its overall ambience. Nowadays, you can find plenty of aromatherapy products to accent your space. 

If you want a romantic and calm setting, go for scented candles or essential oil diffusers. We would suggest you go for light and natural scents as they do not make you feel overwhelmed while creating a fragrance that is real. 

Bring some flowers

A beautiful bunch of flowers kept in a designer vase in the living room, a classic trick to add nature, elegance, and freshness to any space and lift your interior instantly. In fact, some flowers are also known for their magical ability to calm your senses and reduce stress.

They also bring a striking and exquisite display of nature to your home, so, if you want your surroundings to be a little more cheerful and stunning, consider freshening it up with flowers like green and purple hydrangeas, , dahlias, pink-coral roses and peonies.


When you are trying all the tips, make sure to practice patience. Each area of your home requires unique styling, whether it is the living room or even the bathroom. That is how you make it not only classy but also utilitarian.

For instance, if you have placed a new coffee table in the living room, then spend a bit of time arranging its placement. Or if you have bought a rug, see if it is matching up the décor. Think about the overall feel and look of a particular place and then create an arrangement.  

Ashish Dhingra is the founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.

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