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Now, a crochet resortwear label handcrafted by women artisans

Vitamin Di's founder is working with artisans from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Haryana, to create swimwear, co-ord sets and cover-ups

From the Vitamin Di collection
From the Vitamin Di collection

Indian artisans don't just make exquisite lehngas and gowns. They can create gorgeous knitted bikinis as well. 

That’s what Diya Aggarwal wants to showcase through her newly launched resortwear label, Vitamin Di. 

Aggarwal, an alumni of London School of Fashion, designs swimwear, co-ord sets and cover-ups, all made by women artisans from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Haryana. The products are available online at present.

“Resortwear is a relatively under-saturated space within the Indian market. I took inspiration from the garments that come out of India and retail abroad… our trims, prints and bright colours… I thought of mixing crochet and zari,” says Aggarwal. 

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To create the collection, Aggarwal teamed up with women artisans in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Some of the garments are also created inside a women-led crochet manufacturing unit in Haryana; majority of the workers live in the nearby Bhondsi and Kherla villages. 

Swimwear relies on good fits and cuts, and achieving that with crochet was a tedious process. “All hands have to be on the same stitch count to ensure uniformity in production and we’re constantly looking at ways to elevate our silhouettes,” says the designer. 

Though the artisans were well aware of crochet, since they had learnt it from their mothers and grandmothers, crochet swimwear was a relatively new concept for them. But once the sampling started and they saw the finished products, they were quite happy and confident with what they were capable of achieving, says Aggarwal, who wants to blend craftsmanship with contemporary designs.

Talking about resortwear, in general, the designer says the market within India is changing and her target isn’t just the international audience. “My ultimate goal is to be a label born out of India, empowering the women artisans here and telling their stories to the retail market here and abroad.”

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