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I am a thoughtful shopper: Vedang Raina

In an interview with Lounge, the actor talks about his personal style and what fashion means to him

Vedang Raina
Vedang Raina (Courtesy Vedang Raina/Instagram)

With his debut in the 2023 film The Archies, Vedang Raina made news not just for his acting skills but also his personal style. 

Often seen in souvenir varsity jackets and trainers, Raina's style seems more comfort driven. His Instagram feed is, in fact, a great reference point for anyone looking for tips on effortless fashion. 

In an interview, Raina, 23, who was at the Magnum Couture lounge at the recently concluded Lakmē Fashion Week, held in partnership with FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India), in Mumbai, talks about his personal style and what fashion means to him. Edited excerpts:

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What's your personal style?

Style, to me, is comfort. I also interpret my personal style as classic, chic and simple.

Does your style in ‘The Archies’ mirror your personal style in any way?

There weren’t many similarities before the film. I remember the first time I tried high-waisted pants I was like I can’t do it, but it kind of grew on me now. I think I have grown to like it more.

What kind of a shopper are you?

I am a thoughtful shopper. I try to be efficient in my shopping.

Any style icons you admire?

Austin Butler. I love his style. In terms of designers, I like Rahul Mishra. There is also Arjun Saluja. And among international designers, I like Dior and Gucci.

You’re often seen in varsity bombers and trainers. Are you a collector of any specific fashion item or accessories?

Yes, I absolutely enjoy wearing varsities. When it comes to collecting something, if I had to choose something then it would be shoes, and more specifically sneakers. Also, watches!

One trend you wish never came back and why?

Not sure if it was a trend, but there was a trick where people tucked their pants into high-top sneakers. It definitely has to be that.

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based journalist and digital creator.

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