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A very peri house that you could call home

Pantone's 2022 colour has made the use of soft pastel colours popular among homeowners and designers

You wouldn't want to overkill when you need to include the pastel colour palette in your house. The easiest way to add it to your home  is through home furnishings, fabrics and décor items (istockphoto)

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No matter how much we all love bright and bold colours, there is something about pastels that can immediately turn your abode into a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. People usually prefer their home to look airy, and pastels can help brighten up the home and even impact daily living.

The use of pastel colours has emerged as one of the most popular trends in the interior design industry. In fact, the colour of the year 2022, very peri, declared by Pantone, has set the ball rolling. This also encourages homeowners and designers to explore and test the pastel palette that can make everything look serene and pleasant.

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Pastel tones are ubiquitous these days, and not only in ice cream shops. You've probably heard the word "pastel colours" before, and some people are still unsure what category it belongs to. In specific terms, this is a colour with a high value and low to medium saturation. This description allows us to consider many colours in this category. As a result, pastel pink, pale blue, mint green, and lilac are no longer the only pastel colours available.

Going soft

You wouldn't want to overkill when you need to include the pastel color palette into your house. The easiest way to add it to your home is through home furnishings, fabrics and décor items. The basic method is to paint one of the room's walls in pastel colour and then let it speak for itself. Maintain the other furnishings in sync with the wall, but in a minimalist style, or the space would look cluttered. Pick a good colour that complements the décor in the area and provides a slight contrast.

Lighter tones are well known to have a soothing effect. Soft-coloured linens, bedding, and artistic decor are perfect for bathrooms, rooms, and lounging rooms. If you still want your private room to have a more bold touch, blend darker colour solid surfaces like wood floors, with darker colour tile and counters. This helps balance the two hue parts of the spectrum.

Many shades of white

To start, use a tested technique for amplifying the impact of pastel colours: matching hues with white silk. Several people prefer to let soft colours communicate for themselves instead of not using them throughout the space. An accent wall, for instance, works well, especially coupled with a suspended lamp in the same colour.

You can also integrate a shade of pastel blue into your living room to create a modern environment. Blue is typically associated with brightness and refinement. It can be used as the primary decor colour. Contours and motifs in white and black, and soft furniture pieces in eccentric floral prints will help make your interiors more chic and modern.

Lilac or hues of purple are also a good pastel shade to create a dreamy look for a room, especially when coupled with ivory, fuchsia, and timber tones. But don't go all out with it. Use a proper combination to enhance the effect, like combining it with white.

A soothing grey wall with a bold blue bedspread may not seem exciting, but it's difficult to overlook when paired with brightly coloured linens and white cushions. Choose a comparable shade for a couple more decorations in the room to keep this palette balanced.

What's more, adding soft furnishings to your furniture can completely change the game. It can be anything from a soft-hued rug to a pale grey rug on the sofa to pastel pillows layered on your bed. In modern interior design, layering really helps.

So, if you are thinking of modifying the look of your home, experimenting with the pastel shades this year can be a great way to add that contemporary touch.

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Yash Kela is the founder of Arrivae.

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