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A home decor plan that's form of self-care

Just by adding a silk rug in the bedroom or a blue wallpaper to the study, you can turn your house into a more comfortable, calming space

A clean, tidy place can automatically put your mind at ease, something which is often a luxury in today’s fast-paced life.
A clean, tidy place can automatically put your mind at ease, something which is often a luxury in today’s fast-paced life. (Unsplash)

Home is where we feel the safest, warmest and most comfortable. In a way, our house is a reflection of our inner world. That's why it's important to take good care of the space, its interiors and ensure that there's no scope for shabby home decor. After all, having a clean, organised home is also a form of self-care. 

Here are some ways to ensure your home decor shines.  

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Unclutter your spaces

A clean, tidy place can automatically put your mind at ease, something which is often a luxury in today’s fast-paced life. 

Identify the items you haven’t used in a while and put them in storage or for donation. Use organisers, shelves and cabinets to park the stuff you use regularly. If forgetting is a problem you want to avoid, putting labels would help.

Regularly throwing the unnecessary stuff into trash helps keep the living space tidy. One essential item to have for such a practice is a covered bin with dual compartments for two types of trash.

Colour code 

Colours like white, green, pink, violet, grey and yellow have been scientifically proven for their soothing qualities. Shades of these in your living spaces can do wonders, all you need is the right selection.

Blue and violet colours are said to boost creativity and manage stress. So, the ideal colours for your work and study room walls and furniture would be shades of violet or blue. For bedroom, grey paired with another cool colour like blue or green can offer a soothing effect.

Similarly, shades of yellow are known to bring positive vibes to the living room. White can be reserved for spaces like the kitchen, where you need to have a clear vision over things.

Smell counts

The fragrance has the most potent effect on the brain. The best way to create a fragrant atmosphere at home is to use aromatic plants.

Plants like scented geraniums, lavender, orchid, gardenia and indoor citrus can survive indoors and offer a natural aroma solution. The greenery itself can add to the soothing effect.

However, plants are often seasonal, and if you are allergic to pollen, better go for scented candles or scented oil lamps for effect. Don’t worry if it doesn’t generate the desired effect in the first attempt. Experiment with different aromas before settling for one.

A physical space 

Mood-boosting effects of physical activity are well known. So, why not create a dedicated space for the same in your house? It will certainly help you stay motivated. You can add full size mirrors to at least two sides of the walls in the room. Seeing your reflection while you exercise will help you improve your act and inspire you to do more.

Recreate sleeping space

Sleep is the natural pacifier. That is why your place for sleeping is an important space to maintain. A small bedside cabinet or table is important to park your night-time book before you fall asleep.

Add furniture like a comfortable chair to take a break from the bed when you are feeling sleepless and a good silk or wool carpet for that cosy feeling . What's more, consider adding curtains to control the flow of light into your bedroom. At the same time, having a clear window could also add to your mood at night with a clear view of the sky.

Ashish Dhingra is the founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.

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