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A guide to having all-white interiors in your home

Love all-white interiors (so in at the moment!) but don't know how to get started with a makeover? We tell you. 

It's very important to pick the right shade of white
It's very important to pick the right shade of white (Unsplash)

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All-white interiors perfectly showcase the most organised side of your personality. When done right, all-white interiors could be the most welcoming and aesthetic interiors scheme ever. However, designers consider white interiors to be one of the most overwhelming décors to work with. They must pay careful attention to several factors while working with white interiors.

So, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for you while you decorate your all-white interior home.

Pick the Right Shade of White

White is one colour that reflects all of its surroundings, even the floor. The interplay of natural light is another factor to consider while selecting the right white tone for your home.

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The best way is to pick 3-4 different shades and test them on a white tagboard before finalizing. You may end up choosing more than one shade for your entire house, especially for different rooms and their different natural lighting.

Brightly lit rooms and spaces would need white paint with a lower reflective value. Rooms with low natural light can use a more reflective or clean white paint with fewer undertones.

Follow a theme

A theme sets your home apart and epitomises your personality in your living space. This approach is important if you wish to maintain the unadulterated white interior for a long-time. Following a theme will also make your décor decisions easier, with more specific choices in colours and materials. The theme would apply to furniture, soft furnishings, light fixtures, artwork, and other decor items in the all-white space.

Here are some themes you can choose from to create an all-white interior space:

- A natural theme with shades of natural colours and materials

- A contrasting theme with a single dark tone of black, grey, hunter green, or even red

- A modern theme with metallic accents of gold, silver, and bronze

Have a complete colour palette

It’s easy to turn your all-white interior into a riot of colour over time without a defined colour palette. That will include the full spectrum of shades for the space.

The choice of your theme can define the colour palette for the accessories and furnishings for the house. However, you can limit the range of shades you use within the space. The limited colour palette will help maintain the all-white space without damaging its character.

Don’t forget the floors

Flooring is an important factor in all-white interiors, especially for spaces with high reflective values. The darker tone of the floorboards or tiles will reflect off your walls and tint them, changing the colour of the space to more pink or yellow.

However, you don’t have to redo the floor just to keep it in sync with the walls. Instead, add an area rug. The rug should be large enough to be tucked under the main furnishings like beds, couches, and tables, but stay a few inches away from the walls.

Bring in more nature

While white goes well with almost any shade, its pairing with nature is something else altogether. You will often find houses surrounded by lush greenery with a primarily white interior theme.

But don’t worry if your house is not surrounded by a garden. Indoor plants can fill the space for you.

Also, plants only add to the primary value of the white living space – calmness. So, add indoor plants like jade, areca palm, spider plant, etc. to add more character and warmth to the space.

Use natural materials for furnishing

You may seek an all-white interior for one of two reasons: to create a luxurious space, or to make it naturally soothing. If you seek a relaxing environment, you should add furnishings made of natural materials like wood.

Wood also adds a natural texture to the space while keeping the rustic element alive.

Make use of popup colours

Sticking to the colour palette and theme is OK, but you also need to satisfy the occasional craving for variety in your environment. While plants can add one pop-up element to your space, you can do a little more.

Side tables, curtain rods, pendant lamps, or night lamps in a bright pop of colour can add depth to an all-white space.

Ashish Dhingra is founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.

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