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5 podcasts on fashion and luxury you should add to your list

From learning about the history of clothes to understanding the world of watches, there's something for everyone

Some of the best podcasts on offer today explain why clothes, even luxury and trends, matter
Some of the best podcasts on offer today explain why clothes, even luxury and trends, matter (Pexels)

What makes a decent podcast? Good information told in simple, engaging way with suitable background music to keep people interested. 

The answer seems simple but getting a podcast right is hard, especially when it's on a subject that has a niche following. Take fashion and luxury, for instance. It's a world that does not attract a lot of listeners compared to, say, technology, which has a bigger mass appeal. But the Net is full of podcast series that offer enough information to make people realise the importance of fashion in our daily lives and the impact it has on the environment. Here's a list of some podcasts on fashion and luxury you should listen to:

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Dressed: The History of Fashion

Fashion historians Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan’s series is a deep dive into the past and present of fashion. Their series offers an insight into how  clothes and race and culture are intimately interwined. It also documents the journeys of style icons like the late Princess Diana. In one of the episodes, for instance, the duo discusses Di's increasing sartorial freedoms following the separation from her husband and detail some of her revenge looks that followed. 

If Jewels Could Talk with Carol Woolton

Jewellery expert and author Carol Woolton discusses past eras, romance, revolution and personal histories, all from the lens of jewellery. In one of the special episodes in the run up to the Coronation of King Charles III, Woolton interviews jewellery specialist John Hawkins, discussing Queen Victoria's role in the makeup of the current Crown Jewels. In another episode, she delves into the world of crystals that claim to change and enhance mood.

The Cutting Room Floor

Hosted by designer Recho Omondi, this series goes behind the scenes of clothes-making. Omondi interviews fellow designers, models, retailers and photographers, to understand how the business of fashion works. It's a great deep dive for anyone who wants to understand the role of different stakeholders in making a product work.

Luxe Insider with Anita Khatri

Presented by media professional Anita Khatri, this series offers information on everything luxury, from India's perspective. From diamonds being once used as paperweights, to what makes watches so expensive and understanding the Oscars of watchmaking (the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève), Khatri unpacks different sides of the luxury industry.

No Filter: A Skincare Podcast

Aestheticians Courtney Adams and Griffin Churchwell discuss the good, the bad, and the unfiltered in the skincare industry. It's a limited series, which ended in 2021, but their topics are timeless—do you really need Botox?; the truth about cellulite, summer skincare problems and how to deal with them. 

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