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What's trending in menswear: scoop necklines

Designers suggest ways to incorporate the latest trend in men's fashion, both in formal and casual settings

A model walks the runway at the Gucci collection show during the Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 on 12 January
A model walks the runway at the Gucci collection show during the Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 on 12 January (AFP)

Take a look at some of the recent men's fashion shows and you'll notice many models sporting variations of the great scoop neckline. Whether it was the beaded tank top at Gucci, round-neck T-shirts crafted in luxurious fabrics at Hermès or Dries Van Noten's more bohemian style, several fashion houses are offering their take on what seems to be a big trend of 2024 when it comes to menswear. 

Even high-street labels like Zara and Asos are selling garments with scoop necklines in sheer knits.

The scoop neck trend for men is truly a step forward in breaking traditional gender barriers in fashion, says Sean Ashby, the chief executive of aussieBum, a Sydney-based men's underwear and swimwear brand that recently entered India. "It signifies a shift towards inclusivity and I see this as an exciting evolution. In formal attire, men can subtly incorporate this trend into tailored shirts and blazers, offering a modern twist that maintains a professional aesthetic." 

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The classic round necks can work seamlessly from AM to PM. One thing to remember is balance the scoop neck garment with complementary pieces and accessories to create a well-coordinated ensemble.

"For casual settings, the scoop neck effortlessly brings a laid-back yet stylish vibe to men's wardrobe staples like T-shirts and polo shirts," says Ashby.

Harshal Panchal, designer at fashion brand XYXX, suggests keeping accessorising around the neck to the minimum. “⁠Scoop-neck T-shirts and vests act as a base for layering up and adding interesting textures and silhouettes to create that perfect look,” he says. "⁠Sprucing up your style and adding an edgy vibe, you can add up a classic solid coloured vest with a pair of wide-legged jeans to create an overall elongated body." 

⁠Scoop necks subsequently aid in creating a leaner and lengthier illusion of the neckline and facilitate in highlighting the collarbones for a flattering appearance "Pair them up with comfortable pants or throw on an open shirt to give that extra oomph. Edgy and casual, scoop-neck outfits can become a weekend uniform," suggests Panchal.

For formal wear, layering is key. Designer Sonam Modi of label SVA suggests some tips: "Pair a scoop neck tank or T-shirt with a well-tailored blazer or jacket. Opt for neutral colours like black, navy, or gray for a sophisticated look. Ensure the scoop neck garment fits well and isn't too revealing."

What's more, elevate the outfit with subtle accessories like a sleek watch, leather belt, or minimalist necklace to maintain a polished look.

For casual off-duty wear, Modi recommends experimenting with denim or leather jackets. "A scoop neck T-shirt paired with jeans and a bomber jacket creates a laid-back vibe. Explore vibrant colours and playful patterns for a more casual look," she adds.

Designer Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia of label Nirmooha often experiments with sheer round-neck vests for men in neon hues. She says, "For formal wear, consider a subtle scoop neck under a blazer or cardigan for a modern touch without being too casual. In off-duty casual wear, embrace the trend with scoop neck T-shirts with chinos or jeans for a laid-back yet stylish look." 

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.

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