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The new vegan work bag for your laptop and bric-a-brac

Carrying several bags to work can be tedious, so as brands redefine and redesign the work bag sustainably, here are some vegan materials that will fit your work needs

Vegan work bags
Vegan work bags


Piñatex is particularly suited to vegan bags because it looks like leather but is made of cellulose extracted from the fibres of pineapple leaves. The leaves, which are a by-product of farming, also help support farmers.

This versatile bag from A Big Indian Story, crafted with Piñatex and handwoven Mirzapuri kilim, can be effortlessly converted into a backpack, tote or sling. Brands like Luxtra and Maniwala use Piñatex too.

Available at; 6,000


Cork bags utilize the material’s sturdy nature in an ingenious way. This one from Fabriano Boutique, for instance, has thin sheets layered together and pasted on a base fabric, such as a polyester blend which also makes it water-resistant. The natural material is sourced without the cork oak being cut down—only a part of the bark is carved out. The design is flexible yet structured. The straps and accents are made from vegan leather. Brands such as Arture and Corkiza use the material as well.

Available at; 27,650


Along with natural fabrics like cotton, hemp and canvas, jute—with its coarse and fibrous texture—too works well for vegan bags. This briefcase from Khara Kapas, with indigo stripes, has a minimal, modern, beachy vibe. It’s ideal for slim, lightweight items like notebooks and stationery. You can find more bags made of this fibre at The Burlap People and Jaypore.

Available at; 8,500


Clean and minimal design meets form and function in Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger’s Kendrick backpack. It has a classic, boxy design, a departure from the usual relaxed feel of other vegan-friendly fibres. A majority of their non-animal derived fibres—among them their version of felt, SMRT Felt—are extremely durable. Graf Lantz and Lasso also specialize in felt bags.

Available at; $120 (around 8,500)


A sturdier and more durable iteration of cotton, canvas is commonly used for relaxed looking totes. This bag from Scarters can go from a tote to a cross-body bag stylishly, with just a simple fold. It has five other pockets. The canvas has been tightly layered, rendering it splash-proof, while the inner quilted padding keeps your devices safe. Brands such as The and Bombay Troopers also make bags from this material.

Available at; 4,595


Vegan leather usually uses either polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with PU being less toxic to the environment. And even though these are not biodegradable, it is preferable to using animal leather. The simply designed Kintla satchel from Matt & Nat comes with three main compartments. The inside lining has been made from recycled bottles. Brands such as Gunas New York and JW Pei too make some timeless designs from vegan leather.

Available at; $105 (around 7,460)

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