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Source: A compendium of Rakshabandhan gifts that siblings can share

From a perfume mixing set to create your own scents to a quirky tea set that will pour two cups at the same time, here are some gifts to celebrate the festivities

Compendium of Rakshabandhan gifts
Compendium of Rakshabandhan gifts

Keeping it sweet: Bada Rakhi Bag by Bombay Sweet Shop

Regular mithai gets a modern update with confections like Ruby Chocolate Kaju Bon Bons and Ferrero Rocker Laddoo.

Available at; 2,500

Tea time: Teagether by Studio Lorier

Double the joy of teatime with this quirky tea set. The porcelain teapot comes with its own cups and tray. Some may see it as a design flaw but pouring tea into two cups simultaneously does make things easier.

Available at; €189 (around 16,500)

A new scent: Deluxe Perfume Kit by Vetiver Aromatics

This perfume-making set with 36 fragrance notes could be a great way to experiment with scents.

Available at; $360 (around 26,800)

Keeping note: Contrast Notebooks by Sloane Stationery

This set, inspired from a balance of work and play, is perfect for siblings with different tastes. It’s crafted in luxurious cream paper with gilt edges.

Available at; £75 (around 7,200)

Winning with twinning: Pyjama Set by Dandelion Dreams

Since loungewear is all the rage at the moment, have some fun buying matching pyjamas with your sibling/s. This pair, made from cotton, carries the label BOBO Calcutta’s jovial prints.

Available at; 3,950 for a single set with one shirt and pyjamas

Curated by Shubham Ladha

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