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Source: A compendium of objects inspired by election season

From a cool 'comrade lungi' to a traditional Assamese 'gamusa' mask, check out this week's covet list

The Daisy Tote (Courtesy The Postbox)

In the bag

The Daisy Tote

Carry your voter’s ID, and your political baggage, in this handloom ikat and leather tote made by The Postbox, an indie design brand based in Chennai. Available at; 4,199

Go, comrade

Comrade Lungi

Available at
Available at

This parrot-green lungi, handspun and handwoven in Kerala from the finest cotton, is guaranteed to keep you feeling cool. Available at; 999

Keep an eye

Rattan and Cane Mirror

Available at
Available at

A magnificent eye-shaped mirror to help you look yourself in the eye, made by the handmade collective Artisans of Assam. Available at; 3,250

Weave dreams

Bengal Cotton Jamdani Sari

Available at
Available at

The fate of Bengal’s weavers is in your hands as you drape this traditional cotton jamdani sari to wear to the polling booth. Available at; 4,500

Cup and lip

Cup with wave saucer

Available at
Available at

After the dust of election season settles, relax with a cup of tea in this pottery mug made in Auroville, Puducherry. Available at; 790

Must mask

Assamese Gamusa Mask

Available at
Available at

Wear your tradition on your nose with these masks made of the iconic Assamese gamusa cloth. Available at; 350 for a pack of 5

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