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Six great sports watches for every budget

The sports watch is truly a watch for all seasons and reasons. Here are some great go-anywhere-do-anything watches for different budgets

Great sports watches for every budget.
Great sports watches for every budget.

I recently wrote on how the intersection of watchmaking, sports like mountaineering, and advertising came together to give rise to the phenomenon of modern steel sports watches. These watches, also called the ‘go-anywhere-do-anything’ or GADA watches form the cornerstone of the business of watches.

A sports watch should be robust, durable and also versatility. It should be constructed from good quality stainless steel, with a water resistance rating of preferably 100m or higher. And finally, the watch should come with a good automatic or quartz movement, with the automatic ones having a power reserve of 40 hours or longer. With this in mind, here are six excellent sports watches (one of which is in bronze!) that you can get in India.

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HMT Pilot.
HMT Pilot. (Bibek Bhattacharya)

HMT Pilot

This legendary Indian sports watch, with its svelte 35mm dial and hand-wound mechanical movement, is the ultimate in versatility. Excellent as an everyday watch but also perfect for a formal do.

Case Size: 35mm

Crystal: Acrylic

Movement: Mechanical HMT 0231A

Water Resistance: 30m

Price: 3,663

Available at

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date.
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. (Courtesy Oris watches)

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

Oris celebrated its 80th anniversary edition by casing its classic aviator’s watch in bronze. The robust Big Crown now looks more classy than ever.

Case Size: 40mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: Automatic Oris 754

Water Resistance: 50m

Price: 1,71,800

Available at

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. (Courtesy Omega watches)

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Few sports watches can be as easily dressed up or dressed down as the Aqua Terra. While it comes with some serious professional specs, it also looks stunning in the metal.

Case Size: 41mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: Automatic Omega 8900

Water Resistance: 150m

Price: 4.77 lakh

Available at

Seiko Alpinist SPB 155J1.
Seiko Alpinist SPB 155J1. (Courtesy Seiko watches)

Seiko Alpinist

The Alpinist is proof that a rugged outdoors watch meant for mountain travel can also look drop-dead gorgeous. The textured fumé green dial and the gold cathedral hands on the SPB155J1 add a touch of class.

Case Size: 38mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: Automatic Seiko 6R35

Water Resistance: 200m

Price: 57,000

Available at

IWC Schaffhausen Spitfire.
IWC Schaffhausen Spitfire. (Courtesy IWC watches.)

IWC Schaffhausen Spitfire

IWC and pilots watches have been synonymous since World War II, and the compact Spitfire pays homage to military watches produced by IWC for the Royal Air Force in the 1940s.

Case Size: 39mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: Automatic IWC 32110

Water Resistance: 60m

Price: 3.49 lakh

Available at

Rolex Explorer.
Rolex Explorer. (Courtesy Rolex watches)

Rolex Explorer

All steel sports watches owe their DNA to the Explorer. It’s now back in its classic 36mm case size, reclaiming the crown as the ultimate everyday watch.

Case Size: 36mm

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: Automatic Rolex 3230

Water Resistance: 100m

Price: 4,61,700

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