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Scarves to wear for the temperature you are in

With autumn, scarf season too has begun. A guide to choosing the right scarf for the right occasion

Courtesy Hermès/Oliver Hadlee Pearch

As we transition into winter, you may need more than a mask to protect yourself from the weather. Beyond balaclavas, beanies and hoodies, the scarf has always been a versatile and effective piece of accessory for everyone. They effortlessly elevate any outfit and their timeliness as protective-gear during the covid-19 pandemic has renewed their relevance.

More important than the myriad ways of tying scarves are how you choose them, which of course, depends on the weather you are wearing them in. The more traditional, craft-inspired ones from northern India, woven intricately such as in the kani techniques from labels like Kashmir Loom and Anjul Bhandari are meant for extremely cold winters, while the classic Hermes silk carres that carry their heritage value, can still be worn in warmer weather. Under-the-radar labels such as Raffughar and Janavi are reinterpreting traditional craft designs in modern aesthetics for the global customer. While patterns of plaid and checks remain a staple, it’s a great time to explore more experimental prints and weaving techniques that can be paired effortlessly with your daily style.

To help you make a practical choice, Lounge lists down some scarves, ranked by temperature.


At this temperature, you can go for scarves that are aesthetically iconographic than utilitarian, because it doesn’t quite have any other purpose to serve than to sit pretty around you.

Hermès’ Rêve hypnotique scarf. Courtesy: Studio des fleurs
Hermès’ Rêve hypnotique scarf. Courtesy: Studio des fleurs

Lounge pick: Glitchy and psychedelic, Hermès’ silk twill Rêve hypnotique scarf is a great choice for men who like experimenting with prints. The motif is a freeze frame of digital artist Miguel Chevalier’s the virtual piece designed for his immersive installation entitled “L’Origine du monde”. Available at Hermes stores across India; price on request


Reserve the plushness for your sweaters, jackets and jumpers for a while longer, but don’t hesitate to add some weight to your scarf. Colour can add that too, visually, of course.

Raffughar's multi-coloured monochromatic striped scarf
Raffughar's multi-coloured monochromatic striped scarf

Lounge pick: Against winter’s stark cold, this modish cashmere scarf with multi-coloured monochromatic stripes from Raffughar, lends a warm and bright touch. Available at; 15,120


This is the right temperature to start adding some considerable layering with slightly heavier, chunkier scarves. And a little embroidery can go a long way in making it look more pleasant.

Kashmir Loom's Mughal palla hand-embroidered stole
Kashmir Loom's Mughal palla hand-embroidered stole

Lounge pick: A simple scarf from Kashmir Loom, the Mughal palla hand-embroidered cashmere stole features a quaint and charming motif of pink flowers, like a touch of spring in winter. Available at; 36,000


At this temperature, what’s important while choosing a scarf is that it’s made from textiles that won’t be abrasive against your skin and comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

Colville's striped wool scarf
Colville's striped wool scarf

Lounge pick: Colville’s Bauhaus-inspired soft wool scarf is the ideally oversized, with chunky knits and graphic stripes that look different from every angle, even if you just let it flow. Available at; €360


Apart from woollen scarfs, a recent innovation have been down scarves. They’re insulated as strongly and soft enough to practically be mini blankets and useful at such temperatures.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs' Dubbo down scarf
Embassy of Bricks and Logs' Dubbo down scarf

Lounge pick: While its uncommon to see the quilted puffer texture on scarfs, this Dubbo scarf from the Embassy of Bricks and Logs is fluffy enough to carry around without being cumbersome. It’s also sustainable, with a made from recycled post-consumer PET and an exterior made from 100% recycled materials. Available at; €120


At this point, you’d might as well wear a blanket to function, and what’s better than the original cape scarf, the Indian shawl to keep you covered.

Talking Thread's 'kani' woven shawl
Talking Thread's 'kani' woven shawl

Lounge pick: One of Kashmir’s traditional crafts, the kani woven shawl is a classic from the region. This one, crafted from cashmere in the Jamawar weaving technique, features painstakingly woven floral motifs in the classic jaal style. Available at; 2,64,000

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