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Knit, sew, pin, tuck, grow, and do it all yourself

A collection of fabulous DIY kits to get you started on a crafting journey

Wool And Acrylic Yarn Knit, crochet, pin, tuck; make a cool beanie, scarf, sweater or just about anything with knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarns of every hue and texture. Available on

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Not going out partying for Christmas and New Year's? We got you covered with a bunch of cool DIY projects to keep you busy. 

Muezart Tapestry Weaving Loom Kit

The large tapestry weaving loom kit
The large tapestry weaving loom kit

A miniature loom, with yarn, needles and comb, to learn the basics of weaving and make wall hangings, coasters and more. 

Available on; 2,500

Purenso Soap-Making Kit


This beginners’ soap-making kit for six bars includes opaque soap base, a reusable mould, fragrances and colours. 

Available on; 550

Make Your Own Perfume Kit from ISAK Fragrances

Basic perfumery kit 
Basic perfumery kit 

This “lab in a box” from ISAK fragrances is an introduction to perfumery, with perfume bases, essential oils, beakers, and assorted tools. 

Available on; 2,850

Wax Seal Gift Set

Hand-lettering and wax sealing are in
Hand-lettering and wax sealing are in

Handwritten letters are back. Seal your note/card with an old-fashioned wax seal kit that includes an embossed seal, wax sticks, a candle and ribbons. 

Available on; 1,250

DIY Microgreens Seeds Kit

Grow your own greens
Grow your own greens

Each kit contains six varieties of open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds, name sticks, cocopeat discs and a guide. 

Available on; 350

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