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Your beauty kit for every occasion

Whether it's an evening party, a wedding or a last-minute business meeting, these are the items that will help you shine always

 Lipsticks in textures matte and cream work well for all occasions. 
Lipsticks in textures matte and cream work well for all occasions.  (Unsplash)

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Whether you have to get ready for a party, a wedding function or attend a last-minute business meeting, it's always helpful to have a small beauty/makeup box that will help you elevate your look quickly. 

Here's a list of some make-up essentials that should be part of your makeup kit, and what makes them so important: 

Primer: Using a good primer, before applying foundation, is a perfect way to get a long-lasting flawless effect. Avoiding skincare before applying the base will result in patchy makeup. Therefore, it is important to do skincare before you start your makeup. And never skip primer after doing skincare and before applying foundation.

Foundation/setting powder/concealer: It's not just important to choose the right shade of foundation, but also its texture and finish. If there is too much foundation use a damp sponge and gently dab it on your face to make it even. Always apply a compact or loose powder to set the foundation. This keeps the foundation in place and makes it stay longer.

Blush and bronzer: Always remember to contour and use highlighter and blush at the right spots. Contour is to be applied below the cheekbones, blush on the apple of the cheeks, and highlighter on the high points where the light falls. Move the brush in a circular motion to make the blush spread evenly.

Brow pencil: When you are grooming the brows, choose the colour that matches your hair. Choosing a lighter or a darker shade will make them look artificial. 

Mascara: A good, simple mascara is perhaps the best way to elevate any look. You can use a waterproof one or a non-waterproof, just keep in mind to select the right finish—volume/length or definition.

Eyeshadow palette: One product with multiple colours and finishes is all you need. Pro tip: Use eye shadows in glitter and matte textures for a glam look.

Makeup brushes/blender: Use the right brushes while blending your eye shadow. A fluffy brush is ideal to blend eyeshadow. Never forget to apply an eye base, and stick to matte shades on the crease.

Hydrating face mist: Always use a face mist to set your makeup, and anytime you want to hydrate your face.

Lipsticks/lip liners: It's a good idea to always include a nude as well as a bright colour lipstick in your kit, to match the event you are going to. 

If you are looking for easy makeup tips, consider keeping the makeup minimal and more natural looking, irrespective of the event you are going to. Use products that are used for multiple purposes. A BB cream, for instance, is a perfect choice for a natural finish. It also protects skin from sun damage. A compact that matches your complexion is essential to set your foundation and for touch-ups. Use a tint for lips and cheeks; they are easy to carry and use. A kohl pencil gives depth to the eyes. And a good mascara makes the eyes bigger, giving volume to the lashes. 


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